Sarasota City Manager at work on retirement transition plan

Sarasota City Manager Tom Barwin revealed in a memo that he’s making retirement plans.

The move came after a meeting with newly elected City Commissioner Erik Arroyo, who won election last Tuesday.

“Per our discussion this morning I am preparing a retirement transition plan,” Barwin wrote. “I expect the plan will be complete and be able to be reviewed and presented for City Commission consideration at the City Commission regular December 7, 2020 meeting.”

Arroyo, who had asked for the manager’s plans to be an agenda item at an upcoming meeting, stressed his conversation with Barwin was not divisive or negative. But he had heard rumblings the manager would soon retire.

“He wants to live his life, to go to the Van Wezel and just walk around without worrying about how it’s being run,” Arroyo said.

The Tuesday elections in Sarasota saw incumbent Willie Shaw, who was on the Commission that hired Barwin, unseated by Kyle Scott Battie. Arroyo won an open seat against Dan Clermont. Commissioner Liz Alpert fended off a challenge by former City Commissioner Terry Turner, who also served when Barwin was hired.

Barwin stressed elections offer cities a chance to refresh

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