Scooter bills roll through committee

House and Senate bills that would change scooter regulations cleared committees Tuesday.

HB 453 and SB 542 each change the definition of “motorized scooter” and create a definition for “micromobility device” in state law, allowing them to be used on the road rather than sidewalks.

Current law prohibits that, but the proposed legislation solves it by treating the battery-powered devices in the same way as pedal-powered bicycles.

The House bill had some detractors at its first committee stop.

The Florida League of Cities and others lambasted it as an overreach since the initially filed version would have preempted local governments from capping the number of vendors or rental scooters allowed within their borders.

Florida Politics reported last week that those concerns would be addressed in the Senate version of the bill, but the House version, sponsored by Tampa GOP Rep. Jackie Toledo, didn’t follow suit.

An amendment to the bill made two significant changes.

First, it would allow cities to set the locations for rental scooter corrals, so long as they’re made available within “at least one location on each side of each city block in commercial and business districts.”

It would also require rental

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