Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin Return Home After New Year's Getaway to Mexico

All sun-filled vacations must come to an end.

After kicking off a new year in Cabo San Lucas, Scott Disick, 37, and Amelia Gray Hamlin, 19, returned home to Los Angeles on Wednesday, Jan. 6.

According to an eyewitness, the pair was with a group of friends when they touched down at the airport after flying in a private jet.

Scott sported Nike sneakers with a sweatshirt and cozy pair of sweatpants. He also wore a mask as Los Angeles continues to see a surge in coronavirus cases. As for Amelia, she wore a pink beanie that perfectly matched her top. She completed her look with black shorts and sneakers.

“Amelia was hanging back and letting Scott say goodbye to their friends,” the eyewitness shared. “They both hugged some people and talked about how much fun they had. They had their luggage loaded into Scott’s vehicle and then they left together.”

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