Scott Disick Gets Surprising Test Results During KUWTK Health Scare

Upon hearing this, the KKW Beauty boss advised Scott to get bloodwork done. At first, Scott was hesitant to see a doctor out of fear that something may be seriously wrong.

Thankfully, the SKIMS founder was able to convince him otherwise.

She defended, “Well, wouldn’t you rather know? If something is seriously wrong and you find out in the earliest of stages, then you have a chance to beat it. Information is key!”

Scott later told the KUWTK camera that he was “a drop nervous” for results as he’s put “this vessel through a lot of trauma.”

After getting his blood drawn, Scott sought out an IV treatment. While talking with the specialist, Scott realized that his body has dealt with stress following the loss of his parents.

“Missing my parents, it’s really hard,” he lamented to the KUWTK camera. “My life hasn’t always been easy. I used to drink and party and go out a ton. So, my body, it’s been through some rough waters.”

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