Scott Franklin pulls out all the stops with ad attacking Alan Cohn over taxes, health care and defunding the police

Scott Franklin is launching a new add attacking his opponent in Florida’s 15th Congressional District over a bevy of conservative beefs roiling elections up and down the ballot this cycle.

Franklin, a sitting Republican Lakeland City Commissioner, blasted his Democratic opponent, former investigative journalist Alan Cohn, over things like defunding the police and raising taxes — all topics sure to rile up the conservative base and which Democrats, including Cohn, have directly refuted.

“Alan Cohn’s radical agenda: Socialist health care, massive spending, job killing taxes on electricity, income, gas; he’d even ban gas-powered cars. Alan Cohn marched with radicals who would defund our police,” a narrator says ominously in the 30-second spot.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd then takes over, praising Franklin.

“But Scott Franklin would defend our communities, not defund our police … Scott Franklin is a combat veteran. I trust Scott Franklin to look out for us. So can you,” Judd concludes in the ad.

At one point, the ad shows an image of Cohn removing a mask with another image behind him of a protester with a sign that reads some blurred expletive and “fascist pigs” under it. The image shows as

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