SD 37 camps trade barbs over ballot tampering accusations amid impending recount

The Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (FRSCC) is accusing Democratic Sen. José Javier Rodríguez supporters of ballot tampering as the Senate District 37 seems almost assured to head to a recount. According to a late Thursday statement, a Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) spokesperson said no reports of such fraud had reached their office.

The latest update from the Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections shows Republican candidate Ileana Garcia ahead of Rodríguez by just 18 votes out of 215,431 cast. Garcia leads Rodríguez 48.53%-48.52%, well within the 0.5 percentage point window to trigger an automatic recount.

The county still allows voters who submitted ballots by mail to “cure” any signature issues. Ballots with signature mismatches are disqualified.

That curing process is at the heart of the FRSCC’s claims Thursday.

“The Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections provided our attorney a list of the voters eligible to complete this process,” read a statement from the FRCC.

“While contacting these voters to inform them of their ballot status and their right to remedy their signature issue, voters have told our staff that representatives of the Republican Party had already visited them and taken their signed affidavits. Neither the

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