SD 39 candidates each spend more than $70K during latest two-week reporting period as race enters final stages

Campaign spending in one of the biggest Senate races in the state is ramping up, as the candidates for Senate District 39 enter the final few weeks of the General Election.

Republican Rep. Ana Maria Rodriguez once again outraised her Democratic opponent, Rep. Javier Fernández. Both candidates spent big, however, with each dropping at least $73,000 in the latest two-week reporting period.

Those reports cover activity from Sept. 19-Oct. 2. Rodriguez churned through more than $73,000 between her campaign and political committee, Ethics and Honesty in Government. Fernández spent more than $103,000 in campaign costs between his campaign account and Florida Future, a political committee backing his bid.

The bulk of that money — $100,000 — went from the Fernández campaign account to Screen Strategies Media for TV ad expenses. Screen Strategies Media is a Virginia-based advertising firm.

Florida Future’s listed expenses were actually more than $177,000. But included in that pot is a $175,000 contribution to the Florida Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. Florida Future has routinely shipped out large sums of cash to other PC’s, somewhat obfuscating whether the plentiful contributions to Florida Future will go toward the Fernández bid or be shipped right out to another organization.

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