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When it comes to Saturday’s SEC championship game, the general consensus is that No. 15 Florida (8-3, 6-2 SEC) stands little to no chance against No. 1 Alabama (12-0, 8-0).

The Gators, who have been downright anemic on offense for most of the season, started the week as 21.5-point underdogs, while Alabama has one of the SEC’s best offenses and arguably the nation’s most ruthless defense.

But what can Florida really do to pull off this monumental upset? Coaches from inside and outside the SEC gave us their thoughts:

OK, so Florida ranks in the bottom half of the SEC in scoring, passing, rushing and total offense. How in the world can this offense move against the nation’s No. 1 defense?

“You have to tempo them sporadically throughout the game — lure them to sleep and then start going fast again. Change the tempo throughout the game and make them be ready at all situations.” — SEC offensive assistant

“You have to run the ball downhill. You can’t run sideline to sideline because of (Alabama’s) team speed and how the D-ends play. You have to go fast, and I wouldn’t do much of a man-blocking scheme. A man vs. man blocking scheme in the run game will be disastrous because of how good their defensive line is and how physical they are. You have to either do a gap- or zone-blocking scheme. You gotta go downhill.” — SEC offensive assistant coach

“Their ability to move the ball against LSU in the run game was impressive, so I do think they’re going to have some ability to do that. But you can only do that so long. You’re gonna have to have ways to take shots downfield and make explosive plays, and you’re probably going to have

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