Supporters rallied this weekend in Orlando behind a ballot initiative to restore voting rights for ex-felons.

The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition held its Second Chances Convening Thursday through Saturday at the Rosen Centre Hotel, where hundreds of supporters gathered around Amendment 4, a measure set to appear on the November ballot statewide.

“Through the hard work of Florida voters and the unwavering dedication of a truly grassroots movement, we will reach a historic milestone in November,” said Neil Volz, political director for the Coalition.

“These are our family members, friends and neighbors that have paid their full debt to society and earned the opportunity to participate in and give back to their communities.”

Amendment 4 if passed would automatically restore voting rights for convicted felons once they finish their sentences completely, including restitution and probation. Those convicted of murder and sex offenses would be excluded.

Of course, as most convicted felons today don’t have their rights restored, the campaign behind the measure faces an unusual obstacle in getting 60 percent of voters to pass a measure that helps only those who cannot vote.

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition President Desmond Meade on Friday

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