Second marijuana dispensary officially opens doors in Norwalk to celebrate 4/20 – News 12 Connecticut

The city of Norwalk’s second marijuana dispensary is open for business.

Shangri-La christened its second Main Avenue location on Saturday to celebrate 4/20 day.

The new dispensary comes as Norwalk’s cannabis industry is budding.

“We hauled to get here to open up on 4/20 day,” said Shangri-La Norwalk manager Clayton Bigger. “Definitely don’t want to miss out on the holiday.”

Shangri-La received its final approval on Monday, then stocked up on product in 48 hours. The store held a soft launch Friday and is running deals throughout its first week. They’re also building a cultivation center in Stratford to grow their own product.

“It’s really cool that we can buy cannabis legally in Connecticut, and to remember those who paved the way for us to get here today,” said Shangri-La Director of Community Impact Jocelyn Cerda.

There was some opposition to a dispensary opening in Norwalk as residents voiced their concerns at a city forum in October, but it was the opposite for their launch.

“The community has been great so far,” said Shangri-La CEO Nevil Patel. “We love it. They’ve been very, very patient, specifically all our neighbors.”

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