Jacksonville City Council President-Designate Anna Brosche announced new committee assignments starting in July, when she takes over. [2017-2018 Council Committee Assignments Letter ]

Some interesting takeaways abound. One of which: veteran Republican Bill Gulliford is not on any standing committees, with Brosche apparently calling a bluff Gulliford made in the pledge process when he vowed not to serve on a standing committee in the Brosche administration.

As we predicted weeks back, Garrett Dennis will assume the chair of the Finance Committee — the first Finance Chair from minority-access districts in many years, and a measure of the unique coalition that pushed Brosche to the Council Presidency.

Also on Finance: the other three of those African-American Democratic swing votes (Katrina BrownReggie Gaffney, and Reggie Brown), which will ensure that priorities of their historically underserved communities will take a prominent place in the budget process, as the city digests its “budget relief” to come. The four members will be a decisive bloc in the process, signaling a shift from previous years.

There is grumbling, of course, from some in City Hall about these picks: off-record comments about “deals” and the like. Whatever the case, though, it worked out in the short term. Brosche got the presidency and African-American Democrats will call the shots on Finance.

We got Brosche’s thoughts on these matters. Gulliford not being on a standing committee, she said, is not a big deal.

“Gulliford has agreed to chair a special committee on the opioid epidemic, and there will be other special committees in which he may choose to serve. CM Gulliford is no stranger to getting things done and I am certain he’ll continue to be effective,” Brosche asserted.

Gulliford seemed to have a different take on the process, noting that he is “conspicuously absent” from committees.

“I offered my services,” Gulliford said, “but

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