Selling a Home? Try Do-It-Yourself-Staging

If you’re vacating your abode for a new custom Florida home, but the current one needs some decorative help before hitting the market, there are ways around this conundrum.

You might need to do some decluttering first. Then some thorough cleaning, especially if you have kids and pets.

Once you get past those two hurdles, however, don’t think your only option is to call a home-staging specialist. You already may own everything you need, and everything you don’t own is very affordable and easily acquired.

If this sounds intimidating, it’s not — even if you have zero interest or experience in interior design. You can stage your home yourself, with a few handy tricks.

Here’s our guide to do-it-yourself-staging.

Why stage a home?

Your real estate professional likely will have digital photos taken of your home for display on online listing sites. The more inviting it looks, the better chance it has to attract buyers. The same is true when your pro hosts an open house, or schedules a showing for a prospective buyer.

We’re not talking home-and-garden-magazine perfection. We’re talking clean, uncluttered and visually inviting. That’s your goal.

Things that look good

This isn’t the time to show off

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