Serenity by Design: Use Your Home to Combat Stress

Most of us have busy modern lives packed with family, work and personal obligations. Most of us value those things as priorities, but wow — they can cause a lot of stress at times.

And we know where constant, unending stress leads: doctors’ offices, crankiness and even emotional, mental and physical issues if we allow our stressers to get the best of us.

That’s why it’s important to reduce our stress. Many tried-and-true strategies such as regular workouts, yoga and meditation do a great job for many folks. But what if de-stressing was even simpler? And you could do it without sweating (although workouts always are good)?

Coming home to a house where we feel relieved and comfortable is a great away to combat stress. It’s your own personal yoga studio and sanctuary rolled into one. Certainly, keep those other healthful strategies going, but if you’re in the market for a new custom Florida home, we’re happy to suggest some actionable ideas for achieving serenity by design.

Pick a floor plan that fits

A house that flows seamlessly room-to-room, and whose functions fit your family’s lifestyle, make relaxing in it a whole lot easier — a practical factor that makes a big, overall difference.

For example,

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