– Skip, do you know Carmelo has not scored in the fourth quarter, fourth quarter since game 1?

SKIP BAYLESS: It’s just horrendous.

– And while we’re over here bumping our gum talking about Melo, you know your boy, Russ, he got 12 points in four games in the fourth quarter. But you’re still ride with him. But I’m going to let you go ahead and ride with him.

– Well, I don’t give up. I don’t know about you, but I don’t give up.

– OK. It’s OK, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: I told you, it looks bleak.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, it look bleak. But to stop this beating, Skip, go ahead, wave the white flag.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, I’m not waving it.

– OK, well–

SKIP BAYLESS: I’m sorry. I’m not going to wave it.

– Russ got outside of himself, Skip. He was too amped. Now, when have you– look, Russ always plays at a frenetic pace. So it’s really hard to gauge.

SKIP BAYLESS: That’s true.

– But when have you– when have you known Russ to pick somebody up 94 feet. On the very first possession, what did he do, Skip?


– All of a sudden, Russ turns into Patrick Beverley. But what Russ doesn’t understand is that Patrick Beverley can play defense like that because he’s not, he’s not asked to go score 20. He’s not asked to get double digit rebounds. He’s not asked to facilitate the offense. If Patrick Beverley plays defense like we know he can and he gets you 10, Skip, Patrick Beverley had a great game. Russ can’t expend that kind of energy. Skip, he had three assists in the first quarter, zero for the rest of the game.


– One turnover.