A visibly unwell Shelley Duvall is pleading with Dr. Phil McGraw for help, but many are questioning whether or not he has the actress’ best interests at heart.

Earlier this week, The Dr. Phil Show released a clip for today’s (Nov. 18) episode, which showcases a transformed Shelley in shocking fashion.

The 67-year-old actress, known for her role in Robert Altman‘s drama 3 Women (1977) and Stanley Kubrick’s thriller The Shining (1980), is now a starkly different person than the one familiar to audiences. She appears disheveled, seems scattered and even says that her former Popeye (1980) co-star Robin Williams is “shapeshifting.” She claims that the comedic actor isn’t dead and that she has seen him.

Additionally, Shelley also confesses that she is being threatened by “the Sheriff of Nottingham” and that she’s convinced there is a whirring disc inside of her.

It’s the end of the clip that has sparked controversy, however. Shelley is seen telling Dr. Phil that she’s “very sick” and in need of help, a request he assures her that he’ll meet. “That’s why I’m here,” he says.

But people are doubtful, hesitant to believe that he is genuinely concerned for her. Many are arguing that his decision to document her illness is a blatant ploy for money and ratings.

One individual particularly critical is Vivian Kubrick, daughter of director Stanley Kubrick. She posted a letter to Twitter Wednesday evening where she lashes out at Dr. Phil, calling his “shameful” and “exploitative” use of Shelley “a form of lurid entertainment.”

Other stars who have voiced disdain over Dr. Phil’s choice to “exploit” Shelley include Mia Farrow and Patton Oswalt.

Check out Dr. Phil’s video below, as well as the Tweets from Vivian, Mia and Patton.

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