Shirtless Nick Viall Is Willing to “Do Whatever” to Win a People's Choice Award

He’ll do anything to get your vote!

The E! People’s Choice Awards are coming to you live on Nov. 15. Celebrities from across the country are fighting to get their fans to vote for them for every award. No one is more willing to do what it takes than Bachelor star Nick Viall who revealed he’s willing to do anything.

“I just want to say thanks so much for nominating the Viall Files for The Pop Podcast of 2020. It means a lot,” he shared in a video from his home. “I’m really proud of my podcast the Viall Files. Quite honestly I’ve never felt like a People’s Choice, so this comes a surprise.” 

As for why he’s got his pecks on full blast? Well, let him explain how he plans to get votes!

“Why am I not wearing a shirt? Well I do own shirts, but the voting is open,” he explained. “You can vote everyday and you have a lot of good options to vote and I’m just here to say, I am kind of willing to do whatever to get your vote, so just take that into consideration when you’re voting Pop Podcast of 2020, is that

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