Hundreds of refugees and migrants protest in Budapest while many thousands more cross land and water to start a new life elsewhere in Europe. Multimedia Display (no reporter narration).

Struggle for freedom … A young Syrian migrant infant cries while being carried by his mother as they wait next to railroad tracks where migrants cross into Macedonia. Picture: Win McNamee/Getty
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WARNING: Graphic images.

Sandra Tsiligeridu was enjoying a day on the water when she spotted a Syrian man alone in the ocean. After 13 hours he was on the brink of death.The former model was with family and friends returning on a boat to the island of Kos when they spotted Mohamed Besmar, reported the New York Daily News.At first thinking he was a diver, Tsiligeridu realised he was in trouble and stopped to pull him aboard.It turns out Besmar had been separated from the boat he was travelling in after he dived in the water to retrieve a lost paddle.

Life saved … Mohamed Besmar, left, had been in the water for 13 hours before Sandra Tsiligeridu, middle, pulled him to safety. Picture: Facebook
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The thirty-nine other people on his boat made it safely to Kos and reported him missing, but he was presumed dead after authorities conducted a five-hour search for him and found no trace.After pulling him on board their boat one of Tsiligeridu’s friends, a doctor, gave first aid and they kept him warm until they reached Kos.“He grabbed my hand and said ‘thank you,” Tsiligeridu said.“That ‘thank you’ is something I will personally never forget.“He was done in and in a hypothermic state, shaking. He asked me why I had tears in my eyes and I said I was crying for him. He was struck dumb.”Tsiligeridu said meeting Besmar has changed her perspective — and her life.

Heartbreaking … a Turkish gendarme cradles the lifeless toddler in his arms on the beach. Picture: AFP/Dogan News Agency
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“Before I met Mohammed I was angry and sad at the scenes I saw on television. I asked myself ‘Why do they come here?’ Now I think something else.”The image that shocked the worldThe shocking image of a toddler’s lifeless body washed ashore on a Turkish beach after a refugee …Read More