Silver: NBA needs 'enforceable' free-agency rules

12:34 AM ET

Tim BontempsESPN

LAS VEGAS — Commissioner Adam Silver said multiple times during his annual news conference in Las Vegas during summer league that the NBA has “work to do” when it comes to free agency and the rules governing it.

Silver’s comments came after a free-agency period in which several star players changed teams through deals that were apparently agreed upon before the official start of free agency at 6 p.m. ET on June 30.

“My sense in the room today was, especially when it comes to free agency and the rules around it, that we’ve got work to do,” Silver said Tuesday evening at the conclusion of the league’s annual board of governors meetings. “And as I said, it’s still the same principles of fair balance of power and a sense that it’s a level playing field. I think that’s what teams want to know. I think they’re put in difficult situations because when they’re sitting across from a player and whether it’s conversations that are happening earlier than they should or frankly things are being discussed that don’t fall squarely within the collective bargaining agreement, it puts teams in a very

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