Sixty Days — A prime-time look at the 2019 Legislative Session

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Good Wednesday evening. Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried didn’t mince words after lawmakers on Wednesday finally allowed medical cannabis to be smoked in Florida. The South Florida Democrat, elected in part because of her support of hemp and medical cannabis, tweeted after the vote: “It brings four words to the lips of people across our state: It’s about damn time. It’s long past due that Florida honored the will of the people (and) allowed doctors to determine their patient’s course of treatment.” And Orlando attorney and medical marijuana advocate John Morgan tweeted in response: “Amen and amen!” Sixty Days never mixes prayer and pot. Here’s your nightly rundown.

Light ‘em up: Lawmakers to Gov. Ron DeSantis — You wanted smokable medical marijuana? You got it.

No more ‘bundling’: A bill to end putting unrelated provisions in the same constitutional amendment found bipartisan favor on a House panel.

‘Sexually deviant desires’: A bill to ban childlike sex dolls is headed to the Senate floor.

Recover this: Rep. Cyndi Stevenson wants to clear the way for more recovery-care centers.

Tax break for training: A bill to offer sales tax refunds to job training organizations was approved.

Tax break for the valiant: A proposed constitutional amendment to extend a homestead property tax discount for disabled veterans was

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