Sixty Days for 3.25.19 — A prime-time look at the 2019 Legislative Session

Sixty Days — A prime-time look at the 2019 Legislative Session

The Last 24

Good Monday evening. The CBD products on the shelves of supermarkets, specialty shops and even gas stations in Florida would finally be legal under legislation moving in the Legislature. Wait, what? you say. Don’t ask us; ask Democratic Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. Her spokesman has said she considers the sale of CBD products illegal in Florida “until state hemp legislation is passed.” Sixty Days wouldn’t know, but of course it still considers bourbon a ‘soup of the day.’ Here’s your nightly rundown.

It ain’t marijuana: A Senate panel approved a bill to create a “state hemp program” under the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Close call: A bill implementing the recently-passed constitutional amendment on felon voting rights escaped a Senate committee by just one vote.

Northern exposure: A contentious bill allowing imports of less expensive Canadian pharmaceuticals cleared its first Senate committee.

Holding pattern: Money for a new plane for Gov. Ron DeSantis is still up in the air.

Cut the comm’s tax: Floridians could collectively save $128 million from just this one tax cut.

“We were blindsided”: Will lawmakers again fail to deliver tax

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