click to enlarge Griffin Swartzell Chef Olivier Leheux’s sweet crepes stand out at Slice 420. As stated and reinforced on Slice 420’s website, menus and even pizza boxes, the food is not infused, nor is it lowbrow stoner munchies. Co-owners Christian and Stefany Patriarca call themselves medical refugees — they sold their Florida pizzeria and moved to Colorado to treat their youngest daughter, Sofia, with cannabidiol, which Christian says has marked a sea change in treating her epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

While it’s wonderful that Sofia’s doing much better, we’re a little iffy on naming the restaurant in tribute to the marvels of medical marijuana, which mandates near-constant new-customer education. Plus, its diminutive spot in the shopping center on 25th Street and Colorado Avenue has also seen a lot of tenant turnover. Between the name and the location, we could be rightfully worried for Slice 420’s longevity.

But when we stop in on a Sunday night, the tiny dining room’s crammed to capacity — we can barely seat three among its various photo tributes to NYC and Paris. The takeout and delivery orders have Christian, co-owner Olivier Leheux and every other staffer we see working at a fever pitch. Despite this, Christian and Leheux take time to check in with every diner, obviously invested in giving a quality experience.

And plate after plate, it’s obvious why — this place is wicked good on all fronts. We add sausage to a sautéed spinach calzone and are thoroughly delighted. Christian cuts the sausage lengthwise into extra-thin slices and heats them before wrapping them up with mozzarella, spinach and a seasoned ricotta blend my dining companion mistakes for unusually decadent Alfredo sauce. The crust’s perfectly cooked, with a crisp exterior and chewy interior, by no means doughy where it meets the

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