So the Houston Astros are headed to another ALCS. How angry should you be?

7:00 AM ET

In the 1970s, influential psychologist Paul Ekman identified six basic emotions experienced in all human cultures. I’m not sure if he studied sports fans, but I’m guessing you had one of the following six reactions to the Houston Astros beating the Oakland Athletics on Thursday and moving on to the American League Championship Series:

1. Happiness. You’re an Astros fan. You’re ecstatic. You’ve gone on StubHub looking to see if any of those 11,000 World Series tickets are available. You have a big smile on your face, you’re texting upbeat messages to your friends, you finally dug out that “2017 World Series Champions” T-shirt to wear with pride and you will clear your schedule to watch the upcoming games.

2. Surprise. Maybe you’re an Astros fan, but probably not. You’re just a baseball fan. You don’t really care all that much about the cheating scandal from the offseason. You’re just shocked the Astros actually beat the Twins and now the A’s — without an injured Justin Verlander, mind you — after going 29-31 in the regular season. You have neither a positive nor a negative sentiment about a sub-.500 team possibly reaching the World Series, and

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