Some Florida Democratic Party members intend to ask the newly-elected chair on Saturday to reinstate Sally Boynton Brown as their president, a move that other members have found “insulting.”

Boynton Brown submitted her resignation nearly three weeks ago following the footsteps of Stephen Bittel who was ousted as chair when reports surfaced that he acted inappropriately with women in the workplace. Her abrupt departure came a day after she defended Bittel in a public letter and after two former staffers accused her of enabling his sexual misconduct that included him asking women about their sex lives.

“The fact a resolution of this nature is currently being considered proves the lack of commitment that some leaders in the Florida Democratic Party have for addressing sexual harassment and a hostile work environment that obviously exists within our Party,” James Deininger, of Duval County Democrat, wrote in an email to members.

Deininger’s email was in response to a petition that began to circulate last week, garnering support for Boynton Brown to come back.

In an email, Jim Gangitano, a Volusia County committeeman, told members that a “non-binding motion” would be made Saturday to ask the new party chair “to ask Sally to stay.”

“While party leadership has accepted Sally’s resignation, Sally indicated that she is willing to do whatever is asked of her for the good of the party, including reconsidering her decision,” Gangitano wrote.

Ultimately, the person elected to lead the state party will have the power to hire staff, including the president and an executive director.

Florida Politics reached out to the three candidates vying for the chairmanship, and only Hillsborough County Democrat Alma Gonzalez took a stance against reinstating her presidency, adding that if elected she would conduct a “full-scale

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