South Florida tops 6K new COVID-19 cases for second straight day

After adding a whopping 6,153 cases in Thursday’s Department of Health report, South Florida’s tri-county area recorded nearly 6,400 cases in Friday’s version. That’s the first time since the pandemic began that the region has seen more than 6,000 new cases on back-to-back days.

In part, that’s thanks to increased testing, which has trended upward in recent days. But as was true Thursday, the week-to-week averages in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties still show the share of positive tests increasing. That means the case surge is not due to added testing alone.

The good news is that the positivity rate has hovered around 10% for several days now in each county. That is, the number does not currently appear to be continuing to rise. That may be a sign the surge has plateaued, or it could simply be a temporary lull. More data in the ensuing days will shed more light on that issue.

The state is seeing a bump in overall cases following the winter holiday season. The U.K. COVID-19 variant, which health experts estimate is 50%-70% more contagious, has also begun to spread in Florida. The White House has noted what recent state reports have shown, that

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