Bill Pfaff and Capt. JoGene Holaway holding up five largemouth black bass, which earned them third place in the United Bass Anglers Sportsman Series fishing tournament at Lake Okeechobee. Each bass was caught using a Hilderbrandt Spinner as bait.(Photo: Submitted)

Southwest Florida anglers, there is indeed much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving holiday. Out on the water, both shallow and deep, we have had the good fortune of quality water and a robust fishery for all to enjoy.

Providing for thousands of fun and successful excursions by foot, canoe, kayak and vessel our world-class ecosystem has kept the lines tight and the drags screaming. Now factor in all the residual economic impacts of the effort regionally and I would say that things are pretty good.

While it is certainly good practice to review a daily gratitude list while en route to the boat ramp, marina or fishing grounds, the rigors of the fish-catching task at hand does not always allow us to do so. Let’s slow down to idle speed, permit the holiday for a time of reflection, celebration of family, friends, good health and hopefully some outstanding fish catching.

Outings to the offshore grounds have been fruitful recently. Cooler water temperatures have the biomass of red grouper moving further west. Therefore, the most reliable red grouper catches have been occurring in water depths greater than 65 feet.

Closer to shore, the nearshore bites has been hit or miss. Landing on a pile of snapper has truly been easier than locating a ravenous school of Spanish mackerel or seasonal blue fish. The inconsistency in the action can be attributed to fluctuations in water temperature and scarcity of baitfish in certain areas.

Back into the shallows, transitional action remains supreme. The latest cold front passage

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