Space Florida continuing U.S. Space Command pitch

On Tuesday the Air Force announced that Florida was out of the running for the new headquarters for the pan-military U.S. Space Command, but on Wednesday Space Florida essentially said: That’s just the Air Force’s opinion.

Florida’s space promotion agency is continuing to put together a proposal to attract the new headquarters, which could house up to 1,200 military and civilian personnel, to Cape Canaveral, even though on Tuesday the Air Force released a list of selected finalist sites and none was in Florida.

Space Florida President Frank DiBello told the Space Florida Board of Directors on Wednesday afternoon that the Air Force’s list of sites, including four in Colorado and one each in California and Alabama, was “their perspective.”

“There was a [statement] yesterday, by the Secretary of the Air Force of their thinking on the initial sites. And that represent just their recommendations, and as you know there will be other, a lot of other, dialogue from DOD, the Congress and certainly the White House,” DiBello said.

Until now the expectation was that the U.S. Department of Defense had given the Air Force, which runs the biggest portion of the military’s space program, the authority to decide where

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