St. Pete City Council candidate opens up about decades’ old arrest record

St. Petersburg City Council candidate Beth Connor was arrested twice when she was younger for incidents involving alcohol consumption.

Connor was arrested in Cocoa Beach when she was 19 on charges of disorderly intoxication in a public place and resisting arrest without violence.

The arrests occurred in 1983. The case was later dropped. 

Connor, who is running for District 5 to replace Steve Kornell, notified Florida Politics of the past arrests saying it was important to her “to be honest with the voters” about her past.

“I fully admit that I made mistakes in my life, and I have learned from them,” Connor said.

Recalling the arrests, Connor shifted in her seat and admitted she was a little embarrassed to talk about it.

The 1983 arrest happened during a trip with friends when Connor was barely even an adult in the eyes of the law. There was drinking involved and, Connor admits, she might have been a little too confrontational with police officers who were asking her to leave.

Connor’s second arrest happened in 1994 for petty theft in a case that also was ultimately dropped. Connor was 30 at the time. She said she

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