Green Health - St Petersburg

***Doctors & Clinics do not sell or dispense cannabis/marijuana products or any other products. They are medical offices that strictly provide medical services.***

With Physicians you can trust specializing in Compassionate Care & All Natural Medicine, Green Health Doctors are the #1 Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors. Our skilled Doctors will evaluate your ailments for THC and CBD Medical Marijuana as a treatment plan for your conditions and provide options for an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Green Health closely follows all medical marijuana laws in Florida state and we assure you 100% privacy.6527 Central Ave St Petersburg, Florida 33710 Specialties: Cannabis Therapeutics

6527 Central Ave

St Petersburg, Florida 33710

Specialties: Cannabis Therapeutics

Hours: Mon – Sat 9am – 9pm

Phone: 727-329-8802

Fee Schedule:

Initial Visit $225

Follow-Up Visit: $95

Renewal Visit: $225


Robert Novatin
Robert Novatin
00:03 16 Nov 17
Great staff great caring doctor and not a long wait basically just all around nice clean place and a doctor who is trying to help thanks guysread more
Tom Dangelo
Tom Dangelo
13:34 23 Mar 18
Being new, I called to find out what to do. Hung up on me, I thought it was an accidental dis- connect. I called back and she was very rude and hung up.Choose someone more
Edward Bright
Edward Bright
14:35 22 Aug 18
Great Doctor and Staff
Ben Mattersnone
Ben Mattersnone
14:51 20 Jul 19
Deceptive business.NOTICE TO ALL NEW PATIENTS!!Green Health has a policy of only giving a 70 day prescription on your first visit. They don't tell you this, so you'll think this is the best value for your money. They don't even tell you while you're there that they will need you to come back after 70 days and give them another hundred dollars. Your 7-month prescription will cost $225.00. Going to a doctor who will give you the 7 month prescription (any other place) for the cost of the initial visit, just makes more sense. Why go back to this place and wait another 3 1/2 hours in their office, just for the doctor to take your money and send you on your way? Yes, I spent 3 1/2 hours in their office. The doctor was cool, but the person who answers the phones for the central office actually tries to defend this deceptive business practice, and makes it your fault you didn't know that Green Health has deceptive business practices. My advise; GO ELSEWHERE!!read more
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