There is no easy measurable, statistic or analytic gauge that allows us to reach across the sports and weigh the relative importance of touchdowns thrown, home runs hit, hockey shots rattling a net or magic made on a hardwood floor.

So we ask the question even knowing it defies an agreeable answer: What has been the greatest individual season in South Florida sports history by an athlete on one of our Big Four teams?

How do you comb through 130 combined seasons of Dolphins, Heat, Marlins and Panthers and compare apples, oranges, loquats and pears?

Well, we give it a shot today, inspired by Giancarlo Stanton’s phenomenal power surge that gives him a chance to reach 60 home runs – or even to break the all-time record for most in a season by a player untainted by the shame of performance-enhancing drugs.

Stanton’s season is a masterwork in progress. Leonardo da Vinci is almost done his Mona Lisa but still is pondering what to do with that smile. Whether Stanton’s home run gallop stalls or moves in on 60, throwing electricity into the final weeks of the season, will determine his final place on this list.

For now, though, I marshal what perspective a career’s experience provides to give it some order.

I was a schoolboy when hired parttime by the Miami Herald in the fall of 1972, my first-ever professional byline (on high-school football) appearing just as the Dolphins were setting out on what would be their Perfect Season. I suppose covering all manner of seasons, teams, athletes and games across the decades has made me sort of a de facto historian of local sports, and it is from that vantage I offer this all-time Top 10 greatest seasons by a Greater Miami Big Four sports star,

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