Members of the State Department’s information technology team were among those who were unaware that Hillary Clinton was using a private e-mail address during her time as America’s top diplomat, the latest release of messages from the former secretary of state’s private server revealed late Monday.
In one e-mail, dated February 27, 2010, an IT worker on the State Department’s computer “help desk” sends a message to Clinton’s e-mail address inquiring about why one of Clinton’s correspondents has been getting a “fatal error” when she tries to send messages to the secretary of state.
Clinton forwarded the e-mail to her top aide, Huma Abedin, asking “Do you know what this is [sic]”. Abedin responds, “Ur [sic] e-mail must be back up!!” and explains that a woman named Judith tried to send Clinton an e-mail and called the department’s IT team when the message was returned to her.
“They had no idea it was YOU,” Abedin writes to Clinton, “just some random address so they emailed. Sorry about that. But regardless, means ur [sic] email must be back!”
The State Department released 7,121 pages of emails from Clinton’s server late Monday, the fourth and largest release since a federal judge ordered the department to undertake monthly releases of the approximately 55,000 pages of emails Clinton turned over to the State Department last year. The last batch of messages is expected to be released in April.
Clinton and her presidential campaign have repeatedly denied that she inappropriately handled classified information while secretary of state, a question that is currently the subject of a federal investigation. 

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The latest release also contains messages related to Clinton’s iPad, which arrived in June 2010. Aide Philippe Reines informed her that the device had arrived, to which Clinton responded, “That is exciting news — do you think you can teach me to use it on the flight to Kyev next week?”
Fox News reported in March that Hillary had requested the use of an iPad early in her tenure as secretary of state. However, security and investigative sources told Fox News in March that the device had not been certified as “secure” by the department’s technical experts. However, an investigative source told Fox News that Clinton used the device despite the decision.
“I myself am not the most tech savvy person,” Clinton wrote in …Read More