Stephanie Murphy calls for creation of commission to investigate Capitol siege

Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy of Orlando is calling for the creation of an independent commission to investigate the violent insurrection provoked by President Donald Trump last week at the nation’s Capitol.

Murphy, who earlier announced her support for impeaching Trump a second time for inspiring a mob to attack and seize the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday, is proposing a bipartisan commission with subpoena power.

There are other lawmakers calling for similar investigations. The House Appropriations Committee is planning an investigation into law enforcement responses. Monday morning, House Democrats introduced one article of impeachment against Trump for inciting insurrection.

Murphy, of Winter Park, tweeted her request as a response to a New York Times story that said poor planning and failures by government agencies set the stage for the occupation of the Capitol.

“The assault on the Capitol exposed our vulnerability to domestic & foreign terrorists who seek to harm our nation. I’m calling for a bipartisan commission w/ subpoena power to investigate who knew what & when, recommend ways to bolster our defenses, & help prevent future attacks,” Murphy tweeted late Monday morning.

Last Thursday, Murphy, a former national security analyst with the Navy, urged

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