A rash of upsets on Rivalry Weekend shook up several conferences’ bowl lineups and assured at least three sub-.500 teams will play in bowl games. Mississippi State, 5-7, went from spending the holidays at home to a possible Vegas trip.

A few notes:

The Sugar Bowl automatically gets the second-highest ranked SEC team. If Alabama beats Florida on Saturday, that’s likely to be 8-4 Auburn.

If Washington beats Colorado in Friday’s Pac-12 title game, the committee’s ordering of 10-3 Colorado and 9-3 USC (which beat the Buffs during the season) will likely determine which goes to the Rose Bowl and which goes to the Alamo.

And if 9-3 Florida State moves ahead of 9-3 Louisville on Tuesday, then reverse my projection of Louisville to the Orange Bowl and FSU to the Citrus.


* — Replacement team for a conference without enough eligible teams

** — Projected 5-7 team (picked based on APR score)

*** — Team has accepted bowl bid

Kirby Lee USA TODAY Sports

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