‘Stop the steal’: Donald Trump supporters rally outside the Florida Capitol Building

Supporters of President Donald Trump rallied outside of the Florida Capitol Building on Saturday, vocalizing their concerns with alleged voter fraud and election irregularities.

The rally-goers — roughly 100 or so — were equipped with signs, flags and bullhorns. Together, they challenged Joe Biden‘s election results and called on the courts to reverse the decision.

“Stop the steal,” the group often chanted.

Among the rally-goers was Nathaniel Jay, a St. Petersburg resident and marine corps veteran who drove several hours to Tallahassee after learning of the demonstration on social media.

Jay questioned how Republicans could be successful in both U.S. House and Senate races, while Trump’s re-election bid was unsuccessful. He further questioned the results in Pennsylvania, a state that seemed in Trump’s grip before swinging in Biden’s favor.

“Red flags and warning bells should go off inside of you if you’re a common-sense individual,” he said, adding, “that’s why I’m here because it’s blatantly obvious that there is chicanery, legitimate fraud at work.”

Later, armed with a bullhorn and donning an American flag around his shoulders, Jay led the mostly-maskless group in prayer while they rested between chants. He thanked God for “competent hearts and

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