Study: Kids more likely to be infected by a family member than in a classroom

JACKSON, Miss. (NewsNation Now) — It’s been an ongoing debate since the start of the pandemic: should schools remain open?

Across the country — some school districts like Los Angeles and Chicago — made the decision to switch to virtual learning as coronavirus cases rose in those areas.

Some of the nation’s top health officials say kids can go to school in-person, and safely.

President-elect Joe Biden unveiled out his goal to open most K-8 by the end of his first 100 days in office.

Now, a new study out of Mississippi suggests students who have tested positive for the virus might not necessarily have contracted it in classrooms.

The bottom line of this study: Children are more likely to be infected by a family member who doesn’t take the proper safety measures, than at school.

That’s because children have a lower rate of infection and transmission, the author of the study said.

Children are more at risk from contracting COVID-19 at a holiday party or family gathering, than they are from being in the classroom, or in child care, according to the study led by the University of Mississippi Medical Center, in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease

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