More than 200 students at Florida’s Manatee High School will have to retake their AP English exam or forego college credits earned after a mix-up by the school. (NBC News)

BRADENTON, Fla. (NBC News) — 

Summer has been ruined for 249 of Florida’s Manatee High School students who just learned their AP English exams are void and they must retake the test.

The School District notified the students and their families of the news on Wednesday, saying they’re extremely apologetic and the incident was a terrible mistake.

One of the students, Jazmin Riley is about to enter her senior year at school. She studied hard in hopes to earn college credit in her AP English class, but she just learned her exam is void and she won’t be able to earn the credits unless she takes the test again.

“It’s very annoying because personally I have had a lot of trips planned, and I’m not going to be able to do that if I have to sit around and study for this new test,” she says.

School officials say a former teacher at the school supervised the testing, and that teacher was not qualified to be there.

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