The summer is coming to a close and that means the season for warm-weather hookups is almost over. Every year as the winds of the solstice blow in, Hollywood (and the rest of the world) rushes to couple up. Summer love is a tale as old as time and this year did not disappoint, whether it was Jennifer Lopezand Alex Rodriguezgetting super serious or Ben Afflecksurprising the world with his new flame. 

But not every summer hookup is created equal. And not every summer hookup is made to last the long haul (or even through the fall). That’s where the E! News heat-meter comes in. We’ve evaluated each of the biggest couples of the summer decide who’s hotter than hot and who…isn’t. 

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez

This couple just will not quit. Day in and day out they seem to be falling more and more in love, and they’re most definitely serving it to the world. Give the people want they want, right? But regardless of the social media love-fest, J-Rod has been romancing it up all summer, from partying in Miami to sightseeing in Paris. Not to mention the amount of money they’ve thrown down on private jets and elaborate French penthouse suites. 

Engagement rumors are constantly swirling around this couple and it’s safe to say that no one would be surprised if they decide to tie the knot at any point. JLo falls hard and fast and we’d be hard-pressed to find someone who won’t cosign this union. 

Minka Kelly & Jesse Williams

Gossip rags debated about the relationship status of Kelly and the Grey’s

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