Sunburn — The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics — 11.12.20

Good Thursday morning. This is an abbreviated, not entirely edited version of Sunburn. Power here in St. Petersburg flickered on and off throughout the night. Other than that, no problems. We hope that you and yours are safe.

selling commemorative Biden/Kamala Harris coins. Who wants to tell Trump?

Political Party, this week to discuss Democrats’ drubbing last week. What do Democrats need to crawl out of the basement they just landed in? Tune in to find out.


—@RealDonaldTrump: Everyone is asking why the recent presidential polls were so inaccurate when it came to me. Because they are FAKE, just like much of the Lamestream Media!

@JamesHohmann: Imagine being a diplomat in another country, sending a cable to Foggy Bottom about what’s happening. Would be grim. Unpopular leader won’t accept election defeat. Parliament not challenging him. Defense minister fired, replaced by loyalists. Justice minister weaponizing law. Etc. Foreign minister insisting that there will be no transition, even in the face of other countries congratulating the opposition leader. Etc, etc, etc. Democracy is fragile. Institutions are only as strong as the people who lead them.

@RepMikeRogers: Our adversaries aren’t waiting for the transition to take place. @JoeBiden should

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