Sunnyside Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Fern Park, FL

134 Fernwood Blvd
Fern Park, FL 32730

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Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm
Sun 10am – 5pm

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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

Fern Park – A Sunnyside dispensary, formally One Plant, location at 134 Fernwood Blvd in Fern Park is open to service all of Seminole County. You can now purchase quality One Plant products at this Sunnyside cannabis store.

Sunnyside dispensaries offer selections of medical grade cannabis products including smokable flower, vapes, edibles, and concentrates.

Sunnyside flower and other medical grade cannabis products are available for patients near Fern Park that have received a Florida medical marijuana card.

Sunnyside Product Pics


This Fern Park Sunnyside dispensary delivers cannabis menu products to your home in Seminole County. To purchase Sunnyside dispensary products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Call 877.395.1009 to order and schedule a delivery. Delivery fees may apply.

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What People Are Saying

Roberto Garcia
Roberto G.
01:04 20 Nov 21
First time at this dispensary and it exceeded my expectations quickly. The service you get it's over the top, feeling welcome and comfortable since the moment you walk in and somebody says hello. Knowledgeable and friendly staff made the 50 minutes drive worth and much more. If the quality of their product is as good as Mac1, then I think I found my favorite more
Robert Whritenour
Robert W.
14:41 16 Nov 21
I have been going to ‘One plant’ as a loyal customer and was one of the only places I go to get flower. Sunny side has ruined that. Management is a joke and quality is even worse. Sunny side shorted me 80% of the product and did not refund me the appropriate amount back. They lost a loyal One Plant more
Staci Cox
Staci C.
02:05 16 Nov 21
Michael is awesome. I had no idea I was raking up points and he informed me that I had enough to take $25 off my order. Perfect timing. Will shop often. Check it out!read more
Ortiz TNB M.
14:19 01 Nov 21
I’ve been to almost all the dispensaries in the Orlando area, nothing come close to their people skills and attentions. They update you with future deadlines, specials and point levels for you to keep track! Only place I got this treatment! Thanks to Brittany, Orlando and all the guys that make our day better over at Sunnyside!!read more
Amber Warren
Amber W.
18:30 25 Oct 21
Awesome people. Very nice. Great product!
Amanda Lin
Amanda L.
04:01 24 Oct 21
ERIKA WAS THE BOMB!! I was not only impressed with her extensive knowledge of the products, but her bubbly happy disposition. She maintained a positive and uplifting attitude while still being informative and knowledgeable!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼 From this chick!read more
Anna-Lane Moerland
Anna-Lane M.
18:05 12 Oct 21
THANK YOU to delivery drivers CHRIS&CHRIS, you made my whole day! Patient, kind, quick, & made everything super easy with clear communication, despite my chemo brain fog. Your customer service is always on point, I appreciate how far your delivery drivers will go for disabled like me who cannot drive. 💖read more
Edwin Romancardalda
Edwin R.
17:42 13 Sep 21
The BEST dispensary in Orlando....period.Quality is SUPERIOR to others...100% RECOMENDED
Zachary Messer
Zachary M.
11:54 09 Sep 21
great product but now that industry discount is gone i dont think ill be shopping there very much anymore unfortunately
Tiny Dancer
Tiny D.
13:27 31 Aug 21
I have been a trulieve fan boy for the past year and I am liking Oneplants flower more. The website is kind of slow though. Prices are too high on the more
jiggers d
jiggers d
11:25 09 Aug 21
Been using the delivery service for a year now, and One Plant has been the flower!!!...and I've always had amazing service...can't wait for more concentrates and some edibles!!!...thanks OPread more
Ryan O'Meachair
Ryan O.
16:05 06 Aug 21
By far the best place around. Really amazing staff and products.. If I go somewhere else it will be sub par
Ali Amanda
Ali A.
20:42 22 Jul 21
They have great quality medicine! Great knowledge staff and they are all extremely friendly. They’re customer service department is A1. Love this company. By far the best place to get your meds in Florida!!!!read more
Jon Izquierdo
Jon I.
20:18 02 Jul 21
Excellent first-time experience. Great selection with specials. I recommend Dutch Treat.
ColeOnTwoWheels Reed
ColeOnTwoWheels R.
19:50 29 Jun 21
Place is a rip off. Call to confirm my order an discounts before driving 40min in traffic to get there for everything to change…. Then they tell me they’ll go outta business if I was allowed to get the discounts I called about. Which was 30% off a bulk order… like how can they mess that up.. call center or budtenders need to be better informed and or trained. Total waste of timeread more
Susan Trotter
Susan T.
22:14 04 Jun 21
Beautiful Buds always has plenty in stock. Staff are knowledgeable and super friendly
Matthew Warren
Matthew W.
21:10 31 May 21
Ok so I went back, to give this place another shot. Got the runtz and I was not disappointed one bit. The specials they run are good, just want a few more strains 20%+ please!!!! This herb is absolutely beautiful too!read more
j c
j c
21:27 28 May 21
First time experience and spent almost 400$ after discount. The 1/8 ice cream cake was decent but extremely dry and the grammer blueberry muffin was extremely dry and full of stems. I used this as a learning experience and won't be coming more
Daniel McDevitt
Daniel M.
21:38 13 May 21
Shoutout to Felix for helping me set up my order, great customer service!! Also best dispensary hands down
The Mber Show
The Mber S.
18:50 04 May 21
Moe was very nice and educated. Place was clean and very well kept. Great set up!!! Check em out!
Hastings Henderson
Hastings H.
19:11 30 Apr 21
My first time to One Plant. Very good experience, friendly staff. Store was run so efficiently it was not a big wait even through they were busy. Would go back and will use it heir delivery more
Rick Jackson
Rick J.
14:45 16 Mar 21
Clean dispensary with knowledgeable, efficient and friendly staff. I wish I had something to complain about. I'm a customer- I gotta complain about something! But really great place with a vibe that makes you feel like no one is a stranger hereread more
Scrap Ya Herd
Scrap Ya H.
14:39 24 Feb 21
First trip I drove 45 min each way and someone FORGOT to give me my MMJ card back..Another 1.5 hr round trip to get it....Second trip I ask to purchase a standard 510 battery which they were OUT of....Get home and none of the items I purchased work with batteries I have.. Essential item..That's like selling you essential oil without a Diffuser....Useless... There is plenty of OTHER places that DON'T mess more
Justin Shockley
Justin S.
02:26 18 Feb 21
Best Flower. Vince is the man! He was super helpful and knowledgeable about the products! Place is a cool vibe with a comfortable lounge area. Was a great overall experience! I will definitely be more
kimberly del aguila
kimberly del A.
20:18 06 Feb 21
Best quality flower you’re gonna get in FL. They have different strains with great terp profiles. Sales associates have great knowledge about their products. Concentrates are very potent and sell out fast. I’ll do quality over price any more
paul d
paul d
16:47 21 Jan 21
One Plant is now open in the Orlando area. It is a really nice place with a cool lounge area for waiting. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They have great medicine here and with the scaled discounts ... the more you spend the more you save. One really cool thing about this place is they actually have swag for sale at the store. 👍read more
16:26 15 Jan 21
Vince is AMAZING. LITERALLY. AMAZING. and I love the whole staff in general; every time I go its more than a treat. Love my experience here!!!read more
Abby Adams
Abby A.
23:53 09 Jan 21
First time going to One Plant today & it was an AMAZING experience!!! By far my new favorite dispensary! Definitely worth the hour drive! Can’t wait to go back and try different product!read more
Zoë Chavis
Zoë C.
19:42 07 Jan 21
Our experience here was absolutely amazing. Cody was very informative and helpful with explaining the products. All the other associates were incredibly helpful and kind, as well!We got home and looked at the product, and you can really see the quality! I love cannabis and you really can see the time, effort, and love One Plant puts into their products. They truly believe in quality over quantity and it shows. Thank you guys for giving us a great experience. We will definitely support you guys 🤙🏼read more
Aaron Legg
Aaron L.
15:18 04 Jan 21
I've reviewed all the dispensaries I've gone to. This is by far the best one. True cannabis connoisseurs who know and care about the plant and its effects. Can't go wrong with themread more
Anthony Stewart
Anthony S.
13:09 04 Jan 21
Glad to have One Plant in Fern Park to bring even more dispensary options in the Central FL area. I went the day of the grand opening and was impressed by their customer service, dispensary cleanliness and was very impressed with their product. I had the blue muffins and the ebony and ivory pre rolls and enjoyed both of them. I’ll be coming back soon guys. Shout out to Sarah for the help!read more
02:24 30 Dec 20
BEST DISPENSARY IN FLORIDA HANDS DOWN!After being let down and down again by other dispensaries I finally decided to check out OnePlant, and man-o-man what a difference. This is the 1st time any FL dispensary has made me feel like more then just a dollar sign.NO BAIT AND SWITCH HERE FOLKS!!!AND THEY HAVE A MENU!?!?!!! YES A MENU!!!!My bud tender MOE was more then just helpful. He displayed the knowledge, expertise, and charisma that surpasses any other experience I've had at ANY other dispensary. I can't thank him enough for his rosin recommendations!! If I could rate more than 5 stars I would!! We need more people with this kind of passion in the industry!!You have made a life long customer out of me. Thank you OnePlant!!read more
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