Sunnyside Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Ocala, FL

811 N 36th Ave
Ocala, FL 34470

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm
Sun 10am – 5pm

Payment Methods:


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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

Ocala – A Sunnyside dispensary, formally One Plant, location at 811 N 36th Ave in Ocala is open to service all of Marion County. You can now purchase quality One Plant products at this Sunnyside cannabis store.

Sunnyside dispensaries offer selections of medical grade cannabis products including smokable flower, vapes, edibles, and concentrates.

Sunnyside flower and other medical grade cannabis products are available for patients near Ocala that have received a Florida medical marijuana card.

Sunnyside Product Pics


This Ocala Sunnyside dispensary delivers cannabis menu products to your home in Marion County. To purchase Sunnyside dispensary products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Call 877.395.1009 to order and schedule a delivery. Delivery fees may apply.

Sunnyside* Dispensaries Marijuana Cannabis

What People Are Saying

Rosa Guevara
Rosa G.
15:59 23 Oct 21
Very nice place, Amber helped me and she was very patient with me and help me find what would help me. Also love that the sell gram flower. All dispensary should do that. Just more
Tina J
Tina J
22:19 11 Oct 21
I love the whole crew at Sunnyside*! John has helped me countless times pick the strain and delivery to help my with pain and nausea. They are the best dispensary in Ocala between the product and the people. Patrick is another amazing employee there, he is always friendly and knowledgeable. I just can’t say enough about them. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤read more
John Daniel
John D.
14:10 18 Sep 21
Wonderful products(some of the best in the state), great customer service from the staff and clean store! I'll be back for more ⛽ love the deals they do as well! In and out in 15 mins or less. Way quicker than other dispensaries I've shopped at. And if you need to talk and take your time they will do that to for you. Great place! Keep up the great work!read more
William Anderson
William A.
20:25 17 Sep 21
Worst flower I've ever had in my life. Terrible!! Just terrible.. It was dry oh so dry. I would call it instashake. Because the moment you put it in your fingers it instantly turns into shake. I feel like the people who work there are either lying to you right in your face, or they have no idea what good bud more
Linda Plumlee
Linda P.
23:30 03 Sep 21
I really enjoyed this Sunnyside facility. I definitely will be back. Cameron was great took care of all my needs.
Trapped On Vacation
Trapped On V.
23:28 28 Aug 21
Brandon the person that helped me order and set me on the right path for some incredible relief!His suggestions were spot on for what I was looking for! Great customer service fantastic product knowledge.Be warned the ground flower is powder exactly how I wanted it but may be too fine for more
Ez Greenz
Ez G.
17:02 24 Aug 21
Let’s start with the fact that when they were one plant, they were the best in town. Now that they transitioned the prices have gone insane they want to say they are saving you money when they’re used to be a buy more save more and you used to be able to save a lot. They won’t even deliver state wide anymore and my delivery address is no longer in their delivery zone. They went from being the best dispensary in town to the worst dispensary I will never shot that again. I wish Sunnyside would’ve never bought one plant, and Florida would’ve stayed with the best company. Now I have to transition back and find a new company and a new dispensary who will take care of their clients and isn’t money hungry. One plant should’ve never expanded into sunny side, they should’ve stayed small and like a mom and pop shop. They will lose me as a client forever. Are used to shop at least three times a week and roughly $600-$1000 a week there. But no moreread more
Dora Young
Dora Y.
21:25 23 Aug 21
Love this store. Staff very knowledgeable about their products. Reception area and lobby always clean.
Kenneth Cox
Kenneth C.
23:50 18 Aug 21
Patrick has helped me several times when at the Ocala location. He is spectacular. He is very knowledgeable about all the products and he really understands my preferences. He helps me to walk out with exactly what I was looking for. Every time I open the door and see him I know my experience is gonna be 100%.Thanks Patrick.The entire staff is always friendly and welcoming. Best dispensary.Its always sunny @ more
Keri & Darrell Duesing-Fowler
Keri & Darrell D.
19:02 30 Jun 21
This is the place to get get quality medication.I'm so glad I found this place! Thank you for what you do. So I would love to add that EVERYONE at this location really knows their product and ALWAYS are willing to go that extra mile to help with all of your needs. It also helps that I like 90% of your inventory!!!read more
Merri Krehl
Merri K.
23:09 29 Jun 21
Very efficient staff. Clean, comfortable lobby/waiting area. Good products and value.
Elizabeth Ferrer
Elizabeth F.
18:29 29 Jun 21
Love this place. Always great service everyone's super knowledgeable and helpful. Never had a bad experience and they have an amazing rewards more
celia argana
celia A.
23:57 18 Jun 21
One Plant is the best dispensary in Ocala Florida. The service is the best the products are the best the customer service is top notch and the call center is very helpful. My favorite dispensary. ⭐⭐⭐⭐❤❤❤read more
Veronica Stokes
Veronica S.
18:17 18 Jun 21
They are helpful and friendly, it is clean and smells great. They describe their different products on the reviews of the patients and their personal experiences with the products to help you make a decision. Will be returning and would recommend to a more
David Pinto
David P.
12:53 15 Jun 21
Angel was very helpful. This location was an old bank. Very cool looking inside for a dispensary. Definitely recommend going here. Great flower and rosinread more
Lydia Jansen
Lydia J.
15:09 13 Jun 21
Everyone has always been real nice and patient. Never had a problem with product.
Nichole Gilbert
Nichole G.
02:29 12 Jun 21
Always a great experience! My favorite dispensary by far. The products here are top notch and what you expect for medical grade!read more
Coley Polys
Coley P.
19:29 15 May 21
Love one plant They always have great service and knowledgeable tenders wonderful product
20:50 08 May 21
I have been slowly trying out each dispensary in town. One Plant's staff is probably some of the friendliest and helpful I've interacted with. The location is beautifully laid out and the vibe is wonderfully laid more
Jenny Cason
Jenny C.
17:06 29 Apr 21
Love the cool, laid back vibe. Products are excellent, and the location on the NE side of town is so much better! No more waiting for hours at Trulieve!read more
DJ Blacki Chan
DJ Blacki C.
23:32 20 Apr 21
I love this place.. one of the best in central Florida.. the flower is always hitting and the concentrate is 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥..Just don't tell them Blacki sent you.. 🤣🤣read more
David Reichmann
David R.
23:40 17 Mar 21
One of the best in Florida. This location is always very friendly, prompt, and attentive. Their quality is absolutely fantastic. Their plants and products are truly the caviar of cannabis. The genetics of their MAC1 and Blueberry Muffin are easily the best in the state. I am rather fond of taking advantage of their preroll sales. Hands down this is my favorite dispensary in more
Ciara Allicock
Ciara A.
20:15 15 Mar 21
I absolutely love One Plant. They have the best Quality Flower we have come across! We got a delivery today and Elton & Sean came right on time and their customer service was beyond amazing. Thank you, we will be long term patients at this more
James Rensel
James R.
23:59 24 Feb 21
Absolutely my favorite place so far that I've tried, in this city or any other for that matter. Very friendly knowledgeable staff, quick easy service, plenty of stock, and overall a relaxed safe environment. Highly more
Art Kaplan
Art K.
22:23 24 Feb 21
Very good service. And they actually have product. My new favorite dispensary
thebigbadduke thebigbadduke
thebigbadduke T.
18:40 06 Feb 21
Hands down, the best experience so far in Ocala. Wonderful people and wonderful product. Thank you.
Robert Carson
Robert C.
19:39 25 Jan 21
Best product. Best customer service hands down. Zach and the team are amazing! Will return time and time again.
23:45 02 Jan 21
One Plant ALWAYS comes through for me! Our usual delivery drivers Sean and Ally are absolutely awesome and have never been late or had the wrong stuff and they are so fun to see every week! Every other dispensary just lets us down again and again but never with One Plant!read more
brz lover
brz L.
00:46 13 Dec 20
One Plant smashes other dispensaries by far! Quality after quality. Shout out to the delivery team Elton & Bree or Bri made it simple and easy. Much appreciated team. I usually drive to St Pete but needed a delivery to save me the trip!!Great job Brady!read more
18:06 12 Dec 20
The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The location is convenient. So many deals right now!
23:31 05 Dec 20
Great place masks not required love this Great atmosphere employees are well trained and respectful and dank buds fish whistle yumread more
Charles Martinez
Charles M.
16:40 22 Nov 20
Custom service is always great. Good product and curb side pickup available. With the customer reward program always getting discounts as well. Great place to more
Gia Pecora
Gia P.
17:51 19 Nov 20
This is a wonderful dispensary. Very knowledgeable personnel and very accommodating and this particular location is very handicapped accessible as I am an amputee and that is very refreshing in today's world. They have great products and wonderful strains with top notch products, not to mention a rewards more
Rhonda McDowell
Rhonda M.
18:06 05 Nov 20
So happy Ocala got a one plant!! Really effective flower..Ali was an amazing budtender
bryce morrison
bryce M.
19:36 29 Oct 20
Great dispensary, never a very long wait time. Friendly and helpful staff. Their opinion always helps guide my selection. Thank you!read more
21:00 21 Oct 20
Ally and Alex have GREAT Customer service, and the flower is great and has come along way, its just gets better and better. The strain choices are the best. They have great specials and great everything. Good job all around from somebody who is REALLY pickyread more
Makayla Rogers
Makayla R.
09:56 15 Oct 20
My personal Favvvvv ONE PLANT I recommend all my patient to go if not I let them know they get delivery.
Patty Lealy
Patty L.
18:12 14 Oct 20
So glad to finally get to visit! I am already impressed with my experience while there. The Superior Flower and Selection will be worth the drive!!!read more
Ga L
Ga L
14:12 12 Oct 20
Worst experience ever for a first time patient at this location. Have tried to order for delivery from St Pete but as usual No Stock after ordering. Yesterday ordered from here and same problem. Even though u place an order within three minutes of a drop they still can’t fulfill it. Worst service more
William Hansen
William H.
17:38 07 Oct 20
Went in the other day got some rosin which I thought was pricey it was well worth it ,also got a quarter of flower which was 🔥. they took more than what I purchased got a quarter and they took a oz off my remaining flower😒made a call and they fix it immediately great service top shelf flower in Floridaread more
Ty Davis
Ty D.
21:52 05 Oct 20
The dispensary itself is very nice as well as The staff. They made me feel comfortable and honestly was probably my best experience from a dispensary here in Florida. I did have an experience that happened my first time and was a little upset but I want to say they have made up for it beyond what one could imagine or expect. The company is easy to work with when calling about orders or even making your delivery convenient. I just placed a delivery order for this weekend we will see how it goes. The flower here is super nice I will say a bud or two may have had an extra leaf or two on it but the quality is definitely there. Some of the best I’ve seen on Florida’s market. Lemon sugar cookie is an awesome one to more
Akeem Huggins
Akeem H.
15:23 04 Oct 20
Please understand ....THIS IS THE BEST DISPENSARY!
Shanika Lewis
Shanika L.
17:49 01 Oct 20
Brian H at this Ocala location was a prince upon men. He got me to the counter quickly, made sure he listed why their store is top notch & what he thought I should get based on my preferences & his real knowledge from also being a patient (I love those recommendations the most). He made sure that I got the best deal he could give me & updated my account for me when i was upset I left information at home, with no issue. His manager heard our transaction & jumped in with helpful information as well then kindly went back to his work. The workers here are unrushed & peaceful, I love the atmosphere here. My first time & I wish I was closer to buy here all the time. I even got a free shirt for the wait, which wasn’t their fault. Hey they deliver too & sell ounces! They have preroll deals & the flowers here are top notch too I love it hereread more
oneof akind
oneof A.
22:59 29 Sep 20
Ocala location is waaay better then st pete. Delivery people were nice and the sticker labels were neat unlike st pete that has the labels all stuck together and more
Jonathan Curlin
Jonathan C.
19:48 29 Sep 20
Phenomenal customer service!
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