Sunnyside Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in St Petersburg, FL

150 22nd Street South
St Petersburg, FL 33712

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm
Sun 10am – 5pm

Payment Methods:


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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

St Pete – A Sunnyside dispensary, formally One Plant, location at 150 22nd Street South in St Petersburg is open to service all of Pinellas County. You can now purchase quality One Plant products at this Sunnyside cannabis store.

Sunnyside dispensaries offer a selections of medical grade cannabis products including smokable flower, vapes, edibles, and concentrates.

Sunnyside flower and other medical grade cannabis products are available for patients near St Pete that have received a Florida medical marijuana card.

Sunnyside Product Pics


This St Petersburg Sunnyside dispensary delivers cannabis menu products to your home in Pinellas County. To purchase Sunnyside dispensary products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Call 877.395.1009 to order and schedule a delivery. Delivery fees may apply.

Sunnyside* Dispensaries Marijuana Cannabis

What People Are Saying

Luna Mystique
Luna M.
23:26 02 Oct 21
This place is so clean, so top of the line. I knew it as Grow Healthy, but now they're Sunnyside, and the staff is welcoming and friendly.Their prices are fair, their strains are THE more
Kathleen D.
Kathleen D.
13:22 14 Sep 21
EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED 😡😡😡 The staff were very nice & professional. But that is the ONLY good thing I can say about this location. My 1st & ONLY visit, I purchased 3 different strains of flower. Absolutely, hands down the WORST flower I have ever purchased from a dispensary. CRACKER DRY BUDS! Absolutely NO taste or smell to the flower. And to make the experience even worse, they didn't even give me my 1st time patient discount. Foolishly, I didn't check the receipt until I got home and I had to drive quite a way to to get there. So it was a terrible experience. I feel I was ripped off in more ways than one. Truly disappointing One Plant. This is more
Mary F
Mary F
20:36 13 Sep 21
It was a joy! The staff was caring, knowledgeable and guided me through the process from entry to exit. I felt completely taken care of. You have set the bar for care standards and it was truly a VIP experience. Thank you!read more
Elizabeth Barlow
Elizabeth B.
01:45 12 Sep 21
The best dispensary.. hands down i drive 30 minutes just to buy from them great quality products
carlos rivera Rd r
carlos rivera Rd r
19:10 04 Sep 21
Great experience, Robby, Aimee & Mike were very friendly and detailed about their products I HIGHLY recommend to come here! Best One more
Kristen Kerr
Kristen K.
23:49 26 Aug 21
The staff at this store are incredibly helpful! They always give such great advice and feedback. They always pick the perfect strain for the exact need. Mad shoutouts to Ricky, Aimee, and Adonis! But honestly, I’ve only had positive experiences each more
Marcus Little
Marcus L.
21:01 21 Aug 21
Always positive. Good music while you wait. On negative is they can sometimes forget the military discounts. Can't really blame them I should prob check as wellread more
Danni Solomon
Danni S.
19:42 23 Jul 21
Got my second delivery from this location since I live in Sarasota. Both times, my delivery drivers were so fricken nice! I cant remember the gentleman who delivered to me the first time, but he was nice and fast with completing my order. Today I had a woman with bluish hair, Chelsy (names were written on the invoice I was given). She was super sweet and definitely made me want to order delivery again (plus she was cute lol).As for the flower, wow! The apple fritters and truffle monkey are definitely my go to now. Try this place out! Their flower is definitely higher grade than many of the dispensaries I've been to in Florida. Pair that with excellent service and you got yourself a 5 star medical cannabis store.11/10 recommend 😁 can't wait to actually go into the store location instead of delivery next time I'm in St. Peteread more
Club Twenty After
Club Twenty A.
12:26 07 Jul 21
Hands down the best products. If you haven't tried One Plant, you probably should make it a priority. These growers really are into growing quality flower and producing overall great products. The staff is courteous and friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend One Plant!!read more
Renee R
Renee R
05:00 14 Jun 21
I love the mural at this specific location!! Everyone was very nice and chill. Extremely helpful and I recommend One Plant to everyone. Thanks for your service 😎✌️🙏💚🔥🤙🤗read more
Kayla Ann
Kayla A.
02:25 14 Jun 21
I absolutely love One Plant! They ALWAYS have a wait to be seen which is frustrating but its always worth it. I have liked every single one of their products. They have a great rewards points system. One of my favorite places!read more
16:47 27 May 21
This was the first time I had visited One Planet and I had the pleasure of working with Adolfo, he was super friendly and welcoming, he even let me know about some specials they had going and made some good recommendations so I was able to get some extra things. He made the whole experience that much better. I will definitely be back to see Adolfo!read more
Terd Ferguson
Terd F.
16:52 17 May 21
Hannah was a wonderful help and great guide. She helped me feel welcome and calmed my anxiety almost immediately when we struck up a conversation about tattoos. Wonderful shop, products and people. I still owe her my two cents on my definition of 'abstract.' Made me feel right at more
18:30 13 Apr 21
One Plant consistently puts out some of the best cannabis products around! They have killer deals and loyalty points that can’t be beat. I walked out with a live rosin for under $20 today (: Hannah and the whole team there are awesome and well informed so go check them out!!!read more
Menahem Lopes
Menahem L.
19:10 29 Mar 21
Honestly always have a fantastic experience @ one plant. One of the few places where the bud tenders care, want to give credit to my favorite bud tender Max who always helps with great medical suggestions. Honestly have loved almost every product I’ve picked out here no complaints, happy customer who drives over from Tampa for the quality. Thanks more
Christopher Richard
Christopher R.
21:53 24 Mar 21
Customer service is strong. Had a rosin cart go funky about halfway through and they gave me a credit for a new one within 24 hours. I will definitely be back more
Phil Budworth
Phil B.
15:56 24 Mar 21
One Plant has single handedly changed the game for Medical Marijuana in Florida. I love the St Pete store & staff, but their whole team from top to bottom is top class. Some of the best growers in the state currently & Brady the CEO really has the game figured out and leads the company by example. I love their culture, and they have the best discount program in the state as well. I have a had a couple of issues, as no company is perfect. But they have always gone out of their way to make things more
12:29 20 Mar 21
Their flower is meh to me, carts always sticky like they got half of it on the outside of the cart. Hit or miss with staff. First experience bad, overzealous employee being rudely suspicious of me sitting in the parking lot a minute when I got there getting my money together etc. Decides to approach my car and ask me what I'm doing or if I have an order with them. Subsequent visits fine for customer service but the flower and carts always disappoint me. At least now they're pushing some decent discounts. If I wanted some dispensary merch I'd go with oneplant, nice branding. I will give them more
Renee Militello
Renee M.
16:02 16 Mar 21
One Plant is a lifesaver for having affordable prices and generous amounts of shake. Plus, I can't drive so their delivery is a lifesaver! I usually make a once a month order on shake and a couple carts and I'm set for the month. I love their deals, and they have sales rotation on everything including apparel! The customer service to the delivery team are a delight to work too! Thank you One Plant for a quality product at an affordable price and for the delivery service. I don't know what I would do without you guys!! ❤read more
Kristie Whetstine
Kristie W.
18:19 17 Feb 21
Some of the best flower I’ve had in a long time, and I’ve lived on the west coast for years prior to this. I’ve gone twice now and both times had incredibly nice staff. I would highly recommend this place to anyoneread more
CJ Smith
21:56 16 Feb 21
Bait and switch on discounts. Rude staff and below average flower with above average prices.
Alex Drabik
Alex D.
20:04 09 Feb 21
The worst customer service imaginable. Don't go here unless you're happy to pay $18/gram for .1g pebbles that they call full size flower. I talked to oneplant chat support, and reached out to one plant on IG. They said they would forward everything to the store and I would be contacted the next day. 6 days later I finally just go back to talk to the manager. He said he knows nothing about my issue, and hasn't seen any emails. He was very confrontational, did not give me a chance to even explain the situation, tried to talk over me with incorrect information that he just assumed, and after he repeated the corporate bs line that bud size doesn't affect price or potency he just said there was nothing he can do for me.Yet when I asked why the sell snaps(which is what they call their small buds) at a discounted price he had no response, except to repeat that there's nothing he can do for me. So I left and didn't pick up my $343 order due to the manager's attitude.All I wanted was someone to say that's not normal and should not happen, but apparently those are one plants quality standards. Its sad they were my favorite dispensary until more
Daniel McDevitt
Daniel M.
17:30 27 Dec 20
So on two different situations I had to reachh out to Ada on the chat to confirm and order and then confirm the price was correct. I am grateful for the positive attitude and the willingness to make the customer proud. I have to say, I am very pleased with customer service here, and Ada deserves recognition!12/27/2020 THANK YOU QUINN FOR THE HELP AND THE KIND WORDS! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!read more
00:43 03 Dec 20
Great strain strength and selection, it's a little travel but we'll worth it. Try the dirty lemon it's 🔥 the best lemon strain around. Way better than trulieve and they the only place with any lemon strains that's ⛽read more
Mike B
Mike B
15:48 20 Nov 20
Love this place!!! Delicious smelling, looking, tasty flower with Awesome delivery and phone staff. In my experiences of dealing with them for almost a year, they've provided Amazing service and have tried really hard to correct any of the rare discrepancies as respectfully and timely as possible.This RET VET thanks you!read more
Aubrey Newman
Aubrey N.
01:19 13 Nov 20
Worst dispensary in the state. When they first opened, they were awesome and had great prices, but they have since raised their prices to UNETHICAL levels. They also don't care at all about the patients or helping you get your medicine; they only care about making their money. I have had several orders just forgotten about by them, or cancelled, or have had to wait over an hour just to pick-up an online order (during covid). DO NOT RECOMMEND. Go to literally any other more
Aubrey Newman
Aubrey N.
16:03 12 Nov 20
Worst dispensary in the state. When they first opened, they were awesome and had great prices, but they have since raised their prices to UNETHICAL levels. They also don't care at all about the patients or helping you get your orders; they only care about making their money. I have had several orders just forgotten about by them, or cancelled, or have had to wait over an hour just to pick-up an online order (during covid). DO NOT RECOMMEND. Go to literally any other more
19:13 08 Nov 20
Quinn helped me out immensely. I learned that they are able to do free delivery for orders over $125, and Quinn was quickly able to advise me with medicine I might like and info on the medicine. I hear nothing but good reviews from the flower here! Excited to give it a try!Edit: I had some trouble with my delivery the first day. I talked to Rudy and a manager(I’m sorry I forgot her name). They were able to clear everything up and made it right for me. Jim and Wendy were more than sincere for the mix up. I really appreciated the help everyone at the call center and drivers gave me to ensure I was happy and got my product! 6/5 customer service!read more
Lorie Soul Support
Lorie Soul S.
19:00 06 Nov 20
I have not gone to this dispensary yet because the prices are too high for me. Other dispensaries are starting to get lower prices so that patients can afford their medication. I can easily get a 1/8 container of flour at other places for $20 to $25. Some places even allow me to always get a discount for being over 55 years old. I believe the prices need to come down. We are patients with no insurance coverage. You are making a fortune and could afford to lower your prices in my opinion. Thank youread more
20:47 04 Nov 20
Quinn helped me out immensely. I learned that they are able to do free delivery for orders over $125, and Quinn was quickly able to advise me with medicine I might like and info on the medicine. I hear nothing but good reviews from the flower here! Excited to give it a try!read more
Daniel McDevitt
Daniel M.
22:48 28 Oct 20
So on two different situations I had to reachh out to Ada on the chat to confirm and order and then confirm the price was correct. I am grateful for the positive attitude and the willingness to make the customer proud. I have to say, I am very pleased with customer service here, and Ada deserves recognition!read more
22:15 24 Oct 20
If i could give it 0 Stars i would. Check your medicine! They will bait & switch and sell you something different then when you find out they will tell you no returns and only exchange for the same product. They are crooks and looking to increase sales by baiting you with good product and then shoving dirt in the bag that is not even the same strain. It is ILLEGAL and they do it here. Check your products carefully before paying! Even if its sealed. If they will not let you open it first. Leave!read more
Kayla Brown
Kayla B.
01:16 15 Oct 20
I’m from out of town and placed an online order today. I mistakenly schedule the pick up for tomorrow early evening. What a bummer! I check out of my hotel tomorrow. I head over in hopes they can still fill my order TODAY. They blew my mind! I was in and out within ten minutes with stellar service. Many thanks! ✌️read more
Luis Palau
Luis P.
03:08 12 Oct 20
Service is ok, variety and inventory is hit or miss, prices are getting better but still out of the running for me. Waited a fairly long time considering the order was placed online. It's in an urban/ industrial part of DTSP. Wouldn't want to get lost around there at more
Roger Kratky
Roger K.
18:01 06 Oct 20
M.a.c.1. Indica. Awesome. And free delivery over 200$. Worth it. My new dispensary.😉
Staci Geller
Staci G.
21:33 19 Sep 20
Awesome products great people
Carl Albaladejo
Carl A.
12:59 16 Sep 20
I'm forgiving one plan today and I'm going back because I have to learn how to forgive and I want to try their new stuff they are one of the best dispensaries in the whole worldread more
Ga L
Ga L
00:16 12 Sep 20
Worst customer service I have ever experienced. They don’t have a Supervisor to speak with about the worst first time experience I have ever had with a dispensary. Call Center even worse. I was never able to get my order thanks again One Plantread more
Andrew Ridgeway
Andrew R.
17:34 10 Sep 20
Don't waste your time. There is a lot of other dispensaries you can spend your money with. Better quality and definitely better management and customer more
Tessa Cooper
Tessa C.
20:34 09 Sep 20
Thank u Jonathan Shook at one plant in st Pete! Everyone here is so nice and this place you walk in and even with a mask the smell is dank in there! In a good way and pre rolls with 27%thc..I-75 oh my.. fish whistle is the bomb as wellread more
Tessa Cooper
Tessa C.
10:57 03 Sep 20
So nice and some of best flower in town
Carl Albaladejo
Carl A.
22:00 31 Aug 20
I drove from Sarasota to one plant today happy as a child, little did I know that my experience would not be as clean as the actual lobby. I bought three separate grams one ice cream cake, dirty lemon drizzle, and Darth Vader..... I opened all of them up and two of them were dry as hay. Thank goodness I was only a quarter of the way home. The bud was shaky and all but Dusty . I wish I had a picture your jaw would drop like mines did. Mostly because they tried to pass this off as actual medical marijuana I know the dispensary didn't know but it's sad that they are passing off a low-level mids AKA Mexican cartel brick weed level of stuff.I asked to replace the two disgusting grams with two more ice cream cakes which so far has been phenomenal I am actually smoking as I write this. the lady was quick to say okay with the return but I wish there was a way to see what we get before we buy because I wanted three different strains and not just all the same flavor strain. Also experience the no debit card rule which I had no clue this place was a cash only spot. I drove around town frantically looking for an ATM with my kids and my family in the car. they had one on-site but it does not offer the flexibility to get in increments of $10 bills. Being that they sell medical products I thought that they would appease to the customer a bit more. Besides that the staff was friendly and polite although they did leave me hanging for a little while I was wondering what was going on. When I came in with the bad trees they looked stunned . I wanted to experience three strains I can't explain how bad I wanted that. it felt like a low-level drug operation with really fancy painting and furnishings, I wish they pulled out the actual medicine and let me see what I'm taking home because this stuff usually cost about a hundred bucks to buy a couple 8ths and some concentrates. they just need to act like they love it more not just here to take it buy it this is what it more
Robbie Lyn Kay
Robbie Lyn K.
04:37 28 Aug 20
Nice people good weed 💯
Carolyn Hunt
Carolyn H.
17:01 27 Aug 20
Great place to get your medication 👍👌💋
Alex Popoff
Alex P.
18:57 19 Aug 20
Great service, great flower. And, if you use their loyalty points and watch for deals, it’s more affordable.
bananiz izzy
bananiz I.
21:05 14 Aug 20
This is a great dispensary to come get your medication nice staff fast service good prices the best in Florida I love you one plantread more
Kathy Henry-Acosta
Kathy H.
21:50 04 Aug 20
I thought long and hard about posting this review, because THIS IS THE BEST DISPENSARY IN FLORIDA, and I didn't want the secret to come out(lol)😏😏 I am a lupus patient, had 7 back surgeries, and a broken clavicle. Medical marijuana has saved my life, and improced my quality of life in ways no doctors ever thought was possible. One Plant has the best products, at unbelievable prices💚🌱 Their customer service is excellent, and did I mention the quality of their products are superb, and prices are unbeatable😉🙂Thank you One Plant. I live in Sarasota, and I actually look forward to the drive up, and back is even better, cruising over the sunshine skyway more
Budshine Sate
Budshine S.
05:50 02 Aug 20
Great customer service! Thank you Perla and Eric from the call center whoreally helped me out and made sure i got my medicine safely. Also thank you Jim and Wendy who have been my deliever drivers through the whole pandemic for the professionalisms they show each and every time! Keep the up the great work !read more
14:15 26 Jul 20
not a good experience as my order placed online was partly cancelled, then fully cancelled after getting 2 calls from an associate saying the first time part of my order is unable to be fulfilled then another saying another part wont be fulfilled, along with the online product stock being innacurate. why have a website with a product menu if it is never updated and why be open at all if you have no selection on flower and hardly any pre rolls. poor management and organizationread more
Doug Erskine
Doug E.
19:52 09 Jul 20
Delivery is always on timeEasy Online ordering with confirmation phone call and order review Delivery tracking Texts before delivery Happiness followsread more
Arthur Grebenuk
Arthur G.
13:30 08 Jul 20
(Best Quality & Service!!) Im seeing all these negative reviews... here’s the scoop - as a startup cannabis company OnePlants products are phenomenal. I’ve experienced multiple other cannabrands in FL, the Flower & 510 carts from Oneplant are amazing! The staff are super friendly and efficient. I was in and out very quick, and the manager took the time to talk to me about the awesome products and delivery service offered. HIGH-LY Recommend. The closest thing to California style cannabis is here at OnePlant - both in Flavor and more
Drew Michael
Drew M.
20:57 24 Jun 20
Manager is very rude missed my order and work as well still a no show. He said after he hung up on me hes name was Rob if thats even true!! Until better qualified management i would never do business with them again!!!!!! Wish i could leave negative starsread more
Andrew Michael
Andrew M.
20:09 24 Jun 20
If i could leave negitive stars i would on this location. The manager supposed to be "Rob" was very unhelpful,rude and hung up on me. Ive been waiting 5 days on a order to find out i miss a day an a half of work for nothing they canceled my order! His response oh well reorder ask for a name hing up in my face will never use this location again till they find a more qualified more
Brooke Elizabeth
Brooke E.
20:09 24 Jun 20
This dispensary is very unorganized.... waited on order for two days they were told to come past three they came at 11 AM. . Waited 3 days Then the order was canceled without notification to us. Took off work and they won’t make it right .. the manager Rob hung up in my husbands face at 3:33 pm on June 24 th .. 3 days waiting on this and the manager would not make it better and they were not closing for four hours . He told him the only way he could help is if he came and got it . An hour away !! No discounts were offered for this 3 rd day and him missing work to wait for his medicine. Never had this problem with trulieve, Muv or fluent . I’d recommend them over One plant in st Pete at least any day !!read more
Christina Davis
Christina D.
00:58 21 Jun 20
OnePlant is one of my top 3 dispensaries I will spend my, almost non-existent, money at. Wendy is the lady that usually delivers my order and she's super nice. Every employee I've spoken with on the phone has been courteous and attempts to be helpful. My one complaint is; I mentioned a couple different times that a few items on their website were incorrectly listed in the wrong category, ie a sativa in an Indica category or vice versa and noticed weeks later it was unchanged. I am someone who can not risk taking a sativa at night so, properly marked items are important. They have top quality more
Steven Powell
Steven P.
21:24 19 Jun 20
Best dispensary in the state! Puff puff never pass One Plant flower, best flower in FL! Great location and the staff is fantastic. M.A.C. 1, I75, Sherb D, and Ebony & Ivory are some of my more
Jonathan Doman
Jonathan D.
16:03 26 May 20
Nice employees, just wish their was more stock!
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