Surge in new GOP voters puts pressure on Florida Democrats

Democrats have outnumbered Republicans in the crucial battleground of Florida for years, but have had little to show for it — walking away from the election box mostly empty-handed after failing to capitalize on their sizeable voter registration advantage.

Republicans have significantly cut into that lead in recent months, putting even more pressure on Democrats to turn out the vote in November — an uncertain proposition amid the coronavirus outbreak and for a political party that has long been on the losing side of razor-close, high-profile contests in the country’s largest swing state.

The Republican surge in new voter registrations is especially worrisome among Democrats hoping to thwart President Donald Trump’s bid for a second term and who bemoan their party’s inconsistent outreach to Hispanic voters and lackluster efforts to further expand its base.

“We’ve always had that registration advantage, and I think it’s definitely concerning what the Republicans have done,” said state Sen. Annette Taddeo. “I do believe that the Democrats really need to invest year after year on ground operations, and they just haven’t done that.”

A registration cushion is especially important for Democrats because of their lower propensity in casting ballots. Republicans continue to win, even if

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