Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Bradenton, FL

6815 53rd Ave
Bradenton, FL 34203

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site

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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Surterra Wellness Center located at 6815 53rd Ave in Bradenton, FL 34203 is now open. This cannabis store in Bradenton is conveniently located to service Palmetto, Ellenton, Lakewood Ranch and Manatee County overall.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients with a Florida medical card. This Port Orange cannabis store has the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Surterra is dedicated to building far stronger standards in the cultivation, extraction, and production to help provide patients great THC and CBD menu products. Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near Bradenton as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis RX products are available by home delivery or business in Bradenton, Ellenton, Lakewood Ranch, Palmetto and throughout Manatee County. FREE Statewide Delivery!

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri for Surterra Deliveries RX. Surterra’s low-THC High CBD products are available for patients with a Florida Med Card who need non-euphoric care.

Find a recommending doctor on our Doctors Maps or fill out the Patient Registration Form to get started.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

Bradley Heath
Bradley H.
13:33 13 Oct 21
Natalie was very kind and professional. Would recommend this place for all your medicinal needs. Really cool they stay open til 8pm more
GK Taylor
18:31 09 Oct 21
Always friendly and knowledgeable staff - a lot of them can attest based on personal experience. Always clean and inviting open atmosphere. Waiting room is comfortable, have a few tv's displaying current products and specials. Plenty of options and lots of specials. Great place!!read more
Mac Belmo
Mac B.
19:51 16 Sep 21
Maybe it's this location, but I'm not feeling the operation set up (go to one counter and order then wait to be called to go to another counter to pay). Novel idea; 1 counter to complete all transactions (I will not charge you for this simplistic idea).read more
Wendel Plumbo
Wendel P.
03:46 28 Aug 21
One of my favorite dispensaries. Informative and helpful staff. Some great products
Corinne Drohan
Corinne D.
22:58 20 Aug 21
Great experience, love how they are always offering new strains and products. The sales have been so amazing I’m finding I only go here these days and the people are more
Trapped On Vacation
Trapped On V.
18:16 18 Jul 21
Great product selection and fast service!Get the coral reefer topical balm it's the best!
I S.
12:49 06 Jul 21
Is Surterra dispensary’s getting cheap with their products to save a few bucks ? I think so!There throw away pens and other products that hold our medication meant to help us, is made of glass! Real glass! That with one such away can crack and cut us from within.With the prices we are charged you would imagine their was a team more dedicated to our safety. I thank God was not more
Chais Lazarescu
Chais L.
23:32 30 Jun 21
This was my first time coming to Surterra. It is extremely clean, comfortable, and modern. The individual who help me was very nice and knowledgeable about their products. I highly recommend!read more
Sookie Grier
Sookie G.
00:14 23 Jun 21
The people at this Surterra were incredibly sweet and very knowledgeable. They were all smiling and looked like they enjoyed working there. I would go back to this more
Dion Wiseman
Dion W.
19:50 18 Jun 21
I loved my experience at surterra everytime I go wellness coordinator Will is very helpful and knowledgeable on all products..thank you for a great experienceread more
Karen Carrington
Karen C.
19:11 17 Jun 21
Go to MUV instead, better prices and they are much more accommodating with there customer service if you need them to hold an order a few extra hours or anything like that! Also this place consults everyone at the front desk which is uncomfortable and everywhere else has a more professional order review process instead of declaring it at the front door to everyone in the line and more
Doug Krupit
Doug K.
15:43 15 Jun 21
Surterra has the best vape carts by far out of all the dispensaries. Hands down. Best strains, they last twice as long, and from what I've heard their buds are grown organically. Great job Surterra!read more
Helen Kaye
Helen K.
16:00 30 May 21
Very nicely done. They're still working on their speed between arrival and departure, being that they're new, but the effort is noticeable."Thanks for having a clean, pleasant and dare I say 'hip' environment to hangout in, Surterra. Well done!"read more
10:59 21 May 21
Staff here are so helpful and wonderful. Love them
20:38 23 Apr 21
Edited below...My first time experience, Great people and comfortable environment.-I have been going here longer then a year now.They have 1 or 2 good employees left, and the others should not work in any public service. Rude, forgetful, personal questions are invasive. Won't allow $tips now how do we help support the good employees, And show the ones that don't get extra money how to be better without the business needing to fire them or loose customers?read more
Astacia Holder
Astacia H.
00:24 17 Apr 21
Always in and out of this place! Even when there is a line it moves quickly. Very organized and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable! I go here every chance I get out that way!read more
11:41 16 Apr 21
I’ve gone here two times now, the first was an absolutely great experience everyone was kind and informative and no complaints there. However, my second time going in, I was met with a very rude man with two sleeves of tattoos, that’s the only description i have because i didn’t see his name. He wasn’t nearly as kind to me or the person in line in front of me it was shocking and disappointing honestly. I’d still recommend this place to anyone though other than this experience i’d have to give this place a 5/5 more
Mikayla Kroke
Mikayla K.
12:52 01 Apr 21
The store had a super cool set up but I was extremely disappointed with one of the concentrate products.. It crackled and popped like a firework when heat was applied. I've never experienced this elsewhere and do not plan to go back for this more
Maria Lelinho
Maria L.
02:21 02 Mar 21
I accompanied a friend here a few times. This location is always immaculately clean inside, has a nice esthetic and is well run. The employees are very knowledgeable about their products and are happy to answer questions and make suggestions. They take their time with you and don't rush more
Tiffany Ritz
Tiffany R.
22:59 22 Feb 21
Incredibly nice staff and super knowledgeable. Robby was super helpful today and I really appreciated him going the extra mile. You already had me as a customer but this reminded me why I love this place so more
Google User
Google U.
19:14 19 Feb 21
Great variety and usually in stocks. More expensive than other dispensaries but good. They need to find a better way to call people to the back more
Jan Pomroy
Jan P.
09:59 18 Feb 21
I went to this place for the first time, and it was the worst experience. The desk to check in and order is right by the front door. People were lined up out the door (very small area). When I say line, I'm talking about maybe 6 people. I had no idea what products they had -- apparently, they have a menu you are supposed to order from when you check in -- where everyone was standing in line waiting. Went to a waiting area where they had some product boxes on shelves, but you were not supposed to touch them. Got called in the back room to pick up and pay for my order. Clerk could not give me any information on products, and basically tried to get us out of there as once again there was a line waiting. Very strange setup and the employees were not friendly or knowledgeable. I will not go back again. I have since heard from several others that they felt the same more
Andrew Cole
Andrew C.
17:21 16 Feb 21
Definitely a 5 star rating for my first experience. Ordered and paid online, received a text when ready, walked in, checked in, and order was packaged and ready to go. Since I was the only customer there, I even stayed in the nice waiting area, contacted to their wi-fi and completed a conference more
Mrs. F
Mrs. F
22:14 02 Feb 21
Great selection. Staff was very knowledgeable of their own brands and products.
Judith Lade
Judith L.
18:26 05 Dec 20
First time there. Was somewhat upsetting, due to a very nice lady, but I'll informed on the products and amount to take by the doctor. She told me an amount to take that sounded wrong, but most importantly 'dangerous'. I could figure it out but am concerned for others who may shop here. Zak redeemed my visit however. I will tell you down the road if I liked the products I more
Eric Elson
Eric E.
22:55 26 Sep 20
Great store will and the guy in front was awesome! Thanks guys you made my day.
Steven Schmitt
Steven S.
17:08 19 Sep 20
Ground flower only on certain strains and then full of seeds and stems. You pick of the menu nobody to walk you through it. Was not more
unknown error
unknown E.
12:03 17 Sep 20
Everyone that works here has been kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I've found relief for my mental/physical ailments with a selection of different products in the CBD and indica range of strains and formulations.I have to give high praises to Tami specifically because she was personable, thoughtful, and compassionate in our interactions. I'm very grateful and appreciative for human beings like her that take time to connect with patients and show concern/empathy... It truly makes a difference in patient more
Vallerie Hatina
Vallerie H.
18:09 15 Sep 20
Rob was very helpful quick service & very efficient, no wait. Good prices, deals for first timers, great selection. Clean environment was not crowded. Will be back and offer more discounts for returning more
marcella mena
marcella M.
15:12 09 Sep 20
Robby & Sarah are amazing, they are very knowledgeable and welcoming, hope to see you both soon 😁✌🏽read more
T Rowan
T R.
20:57 07 Sep 20
Great place! A bit lack on protocols, but helpful staff and great selection. In my next life I want to own one!
Tiffany Trapani
Tiffany T.
00:37 02 Sep 20
Awesome staff, and quality product!
terry keen
terry K.
18:30 30 Aug 20
Fast, clean, friendly
Evan Wagner
Evan W.
19:54 28 Aug 20
Real friendly
Tom Slaybaugh
Tom S.
20:44 10 Aug 20
Great service good people good staff that's comfortable chairs. best of Bradenton
Jordan Hines
Jordan H.
17:48 03 Jul 20
Upon entering for my 4th time to this dispensary, I was greeted at the door by an associate. He was very polite. When my friend and I, stepped to the counter, both of us being cardholders, I was asked of we were together, which we both answered yes. At this time there was no other customere, and 3 employees at the counter. I was asked if I was going to make a purchase todau, and my friend replied again, we were together. The gentleman at the desk, then asks me, to wait outside, as If the occupancy limit is reached or as if it matters, he never even asked if I myself was a cardholder or not. Remind you, both my friend and I had masks on! Just a rude way to go about it. I stepped out politelt, just to write this review, in which I was so baffled he asked me to step out, when their was no other customers!!!read more
The Block
The B.
01:51 03 Jul 20
Terrible management here. I feel awful for the helpful and kind employees that are forced to work below them. Wait times are generally low except when the managers/supervisors that pack the bag are not paying attention causing a bottle neck effect slowing down the flow of customers. Products are overall very good as well but, this does not outweigh what I have previously mentioned. Check out this “wonderful” trim job from the flower. Lolread more
tony Willenborg
tony W.
18:50 20 Jun 20
Staff was very helpful and friendly, but you better bring cash. As someone who has moved away from cash, I had to leave empty handed because I could not pay with my credit more
Jillian Michaelin
Jillian M.
18:27 09 Jun 20
Hands down the WORST flower I have purchased in Florida. Bone dry, not sticky at ALL.. No smell, no effects.. terrible trim. I mean, it’s very cheap so I shouldn’t expect it to be great but this stuff is awful. Will not be going back. more
C Nicole Gonzalez
C Nicole G.
21:55 25 May 20
The Bradenton team was extremely professional and helpful! The location was relaxed and friendly but also felt like a medical facility. The product on the other hand was not so great. I came in for some of the “small” flower buds and when I brought them home, it was extremely dry and almost burned your throat as it smoked. Tasted old and extremely stale. Very unpleasant product, would not try the small buds more
Rick Miller
Rick M.
19:10 11 Mar 20
This is a fantastic dispensary with friendly and knowledgeable staff. The store is presented in a very clean, relaxed and professional setting. The products sold at this location are represented well by the packaging and testimonies by staff. The only complaint that I have is this location is frequently out of whole flower and the variety of flower in general is limited at best. I do highly recommend Suterra Wellness for your needs but don't be disappointed if whole flower isn't available when you more
Toni Pack
Toni P.
19:19 23 Feb 20
Great looking location! The staff was beyond awesome! Monique answered all of my questions with more knowledge than I could have hoped for. The product selection was wonderful. I'm a tincture person and they have a great variety! This will be my got store!read more
benjamin woods
benjamin W.
19:59 08 Feb 20
My first experience was amazing! The store is really nice. Thank you to the staff! I really appreciate your time and help. All the more
Sarah Greene
Sarah G.
20:13 12 Jan 20
Love this location! The staff is awesome every time I visit. They are extremely helpful & informative! Would be 5 out of 5 stars if this location would just have flower (not just pre-rolls) in stock more frequently.. totally willing to change my rating too, if I see a more
Kriss Barnes
Kriss B.
00:05 10 Dec 19
I have been waiting forever for this location to open up and now that they are open, they are my go to place. Products do not disappoint and neither does the price. New products coming in also that make this place the complete package. I’ve never went in there and not been able to get exactly what I came in for. Always stocked! I also must mention the staff and how amazing they are!! Most know me by first name now and I have never had an unpleasant staff member, EVER!! Must give a shout out to Chris! Thanks so much for your help!! Oh yeah…total bonus it’s NOT cash only!!!read more
16:37 15 Nov 19
Really relaxed atmosphere. Great sitting room and free bottled water 👍 can't wait until they get flower by the 1/8th.. and I hope they expand their concentrates out of just syringes and into crumbles and more
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