Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Brooksville, FL

745 S Broad St
Brooksville, FL 34601

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site

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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

Brooksville – A Surterra Wellness Center located at 745 S Broad St in Brooksville is now open to service Hernando County.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients with a Florida medical card. This Brooksville cannabis store has the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Surterra is dedicated to building far stronger standards in the cultivation, extraction, and production to help provide patients great THC and CBD menu products. Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near Brooksville as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis RX products are available by home delivery or business in Brooksville and throughout Hernando County. FREE Statewide Delivery!

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri for Surterra Deliveries RX. Surterra’s low-THC High CBD products are available for patients with a Florida Med Card who need non-euphoric care.

Find a recommending doctor on our Doctors Maps or fill out the Patient Registration Form to get started.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

Kelly Salatino
Kelly S.
18:15 23 Sep 21
I love this dispensary. Products are top shelf all the way. Going into the store was a very quick and painless experience. Customer service was excellent and service was fast and friendly.My delivery experience was nothing less. I highly recommend Surterra in Brooksville for a refreshing experienceread more
Nancy Woodard
Nancy W.
09:49 23 Sep 21
We use the drive thru when it's open. But the place is always clean. Very nice people.
Rebecca all inked up
Rebecca all inked U.
02:52 21 Sep 21
I quit going here many months ago because repeatedly I was getting bad cartridges. Most of the time they would clog up and pull through the mouth piece. Yes they would fix it but I got tired of the inconvenience. Well I thought I would give them one more try. This time my cartridge had two huge cracks in it and most of it had leaked out. Im done. Too many other choices to continue to waist my time and money more
Tracy g Hannah Rodrigues
Tracy g Hannah R.
05:40 18 Sep 21
I enjoy the Ground Flower $50./7mg. Great Strains available. I have ENJOYED ALL PURCHASES No Complaints @ the Brooksville store. EXCELLENT DISTILLATE SYRINGES(black lime reserve) NONE-BETTERread more
Master Cricket
Master C.
11:18 15 Sep 21
I want to like this place. But their prices are way to high. Its nearly impossible to get flower above 20% THC here, and even their ground flower is twice as expensive as anywhere else.Above average customer service though.As a side note every store i have been in intentially been a few dollars shore. Everywhere else will just extend a little extra discount to make the sale. Surterra absolutely will not. Good staff poor more
eva Rouse
eva R.
21:23 28 Aug 21
People work there seem nice n usually have good experience. But today I got home n wax container was empty. So I had to drive back there to replace n it's a 45 minute drive n just figured they would say next time I'll give a discount for having to come here twice over ur container being empty. I know stuff happens sometimes. But hey discounts always help lolread more
john hill
john H.
02:52 18 Jul 21
The staff was helpful and knowledgeable. I was surprised how fast I was in and out. I feel they are an improvement over more
Tony Dodd
Tony D.
22:02 04 Jul 21
Of all the dispensaries I have visited, this is the first one where you have to order at check-in, where there is only one person working, which creates a feeling of being rushed to order, because you are in essence, holding up the line. It feels more impersonal, less private, and slows down the entire process. I hate it.Besides that, I have been pleased with their pricing and product. They have never been out of ground flower when I need it, regardless of the day of the week. (I'm talking to you, Trulieve!)Most associates are friendly and helpful. A couple of the supervisors who will remain unnamed...not so much.Update July 4: Ian assisted me over the phone with a persistent issue. Pleasant, friendly and helpful. When I arrived at the location, two very friendly associates greeted me and signed me in, then a helpful associate rang me up, and I was thanked by multiple associates when leaving. A+.PS: I Love your BOGO sales, and how you mix up the products on sale. Thank more
Tina Chace
Tina C.
16:14 28 Jun 21
Always a great place and just the products I need for my medical issues. Its faster if you order online and pickup in storeread more
Nancy Siler
Nancy S.
10:43 08 Jun 21
Excellent! This place really impressed me. The way it's set up itsunconventional medicine in a more conventional setting. It has benefited me and I'm sure many others who fight chronic pain. I'm grateful for more
Karisa Franz
Karisa F.
00:51 08 Jun 21
Love Surterra. Way better than trulieve. Deals daily on their website. Highly recommend 😉
Ramissen R
Ramissen R
01:09 27 May 21
We had the BEST experience with Sereni at Surterra. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about helping people. We absolutely love her and will be back. Thank you for making our 1st visit one to remember 💪🏼🔥read more
Sam Nielsen
Sam N.
22:45 17 May 21
Surterra is the place to go for your medical cannabis needs. They have an online catalog of their available products. You can order online and pick-up later that same day at a drive-up window. (It used to be a bank.) They also offer home delivery to certain areas. As an alternative, you can shop inside, and their personable and helpful staff will assist you with their products and help determine which products are right for you. There is no limit as to how much you can purchase or how often. Just remember you must have a state of Florida medical marijuana card and pay with more
Cristina Casiano
Cristina C.
18:56 09 May 21
Really love the environment and the best service for orders for drive up I would pick this over other mmtc in the area they have all different productsread more
Tony Dodd
Tony D.
14:20 28 Apr 21
Of all the dispensaries I have visited, this is the first one where you have to order at check-in, where there is only one person working, which creates a feeling of being rushed to order, because you are in essence, holding up the line. It feels more impersonal, less private, and slows down the entire process. I hate it.Besides that, I have been pleased with their pricing and product. They have never been out of ground flower when I need it, regardless of the day of the week. (I'm talking to you, Trulieve!)Most associates are friendly and helpful. A couple of the supervisors who will remain unnamed...not so more
Jennifer A.
Jennifer A.
16:25 20 Mar 21
Love Surterra. Everybody is so nice and knowledgeable! Quality products and their website is always up to date. Wish I could say that about other local dispensaries but...nope. I know I can trust Surterra - also can't say that about the other local places. I just wish they were closer to my house (I wouldn't go anywhere else if that were the case). Shoutout to Josh for being amazing every time I come in. He really knows his stuff and he's always enjoyable to be more
Robert Aronowitz
Robert A.
00:55 25 Feb 21
I was very satisfied with the professionalism displayed here at this Store. An extra thank you to Megan T.for taking the time to answer all my questions. As busy as the store was, shewas very pleasant and was indeed attentive to my concerns. I will back more
Christy Moreno
Christy M.
17:17 17 Feb 21
They are great! They have everything you could possibly need. They will explain everything and answer any questions you have. Highly recommendread more
L Connell
L C.
16:30 31 Jan 21
Really nice dispensary. Megan helped me and had so much info that it really made the trip there all that better. There was no pressure into buying things I don’t need. She answered all my questions I had. The products were very nice with no complaints. Will be returning again soonread more
Kimberly Mauro
Kimberly M.
16:38 22 Jan 21
Sereni was so helpful and informative! She helped me pick what was right for me! I highly recommend her and her kindness. The office was clean and more
Rob G
Rob G
16:55 21 Jan 21
Surterra is awesome! Their staff is super friendly and helpful. Sereni is one of the staff members that helped guide me to the product that i needed for my situation for anxiety and sleep. Big shout out to her and the entire staff! 5 star no doubtread more
Suni Nortinton
Suni N.
15:54 08 Jan 21
They took such amazing care of my grandmother. I love them for it. They were so sweet and gentle with her. If I ever have to come back I will gladly come more
Tracy g Hannah Rodrigues
Tracy g Hannah R.
02:50 03 Jan 21
I enjoy the Ground Flower $50./7mg. Great Strains available. I have ENJOYED ALL PURCHASES No Complaints @ the Brooksville store. EXCELLENT DISTILLATE SYRINGES , NONE BETTER 🌞read more
debbie Hernandez
debbie H.
23:30 27 Dec 20
Great to order then use the drive through to puck up when it's done. Very convenient.
Nikolas Cruz
Nikolas C.
01:30 16 Dec 20
Sereni really knows her products, very knowledgeable and efficient. I went in knowing very little and she went above and beyond. Couldn’t believe all the options. Happy to have a place close to home I can rely more
Cyndi Samples
Cyndi S.
18:52 10 Dec 20
The staff is wonderful, very nice, and welcoming, and helpful, especially Nick Webster he is very helpful, knowledgeable, he has made my experience there comfortable, an pleasant, Nick helped me figure out what flower works for me. Thank you Nick Webster for being so nice, and having a smile every time,read more
Anthony “Smoke” Derosa
Anthony “Smoke” D.
17:54 01 Dec 20
They don't offer any type of discount program ... They don't have a point program like everyone else does...their buds are really small and very full of stems... definitely not going back... I would rather go without my medicine then to wast money thereread more
Jean Hunter
Jean H.
18:37 16 Oct 20
First time visit to this store. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Pleasant surroundings and very clean. I bought what I needed and was out the door in less than 20 more
Chris Cagle
Chris C.
16:18 11 Oct 20
I would have given them 5 stars but I purchased some of their pre ground flower and it was like powdered, I had to use a pipe to smoke it, and then it was difficult. It also had a fair amount of stems, no leaf on them, just sticks. The effect was good though. I thought I might have gotten a bad container, so I purchased more, and it was worse than the first, sticks and powder. I won't be getting any more
Debbie Denlinger
Debbie D.
20:59 11 Sep 20
They we were professional
Danielle Mullins
Danielle M.
05:04 07 Sep 20
Great location, great prices and great products personal favorite product here is their Surfin in a Hurricane vape pens for great quick reliefread more
Kevin Tischer
Kevin T.
19:06 06 Sep 20
Super nice n helpful
17:05 06 Sep 20
Friendly employees. Very helpful and knowledgeable on the products.
Alisha Boyton
Alisha B.
16:27 06 Sep 20
I've never had a issue at this dispensary, the service is always fast and the tenders are really nice. I love how clean they keep it and always smells 𝔾𝕆𝕆𝔻.read more
T Man
T M.
20:12 19 Aug 20
My wife and I stopped in on Saturday, 8/15/20 for our first orientation to a FL medical dispensary. We were greeted and assisted by a young gentleman named Luke; he answered every question we had, and educated us even more. Luke made our visit there a 100% pleasant, comfortable, and enjoyable experience. Can't wait to come back and see him more
Frances Green
Frances G.
15:44 11 Aug 20
Great place for beginners learning. My 1st time is a good experience. The folks are very knowledgeable. More so than searching the internet. Well done !read more
Janie Bout'theCity
Janie B.
07:23 27 Jul 20
Nice staff and fair prices. One of the only MM dispensers in this area. Very good prices.
12:46 18 Jul 20
Johnathan was very helpful. He explained products to me and answered all my questions. Excellent customer Service
Heather Huckstep
Heather H.
21:16 09 Jul 20
Surterra wellness locations are clean, well organized and though we know very little about MM, Nicholas was very helpful in explaining some options and he made sure we had what we needed. Would highly recommend this based on their staff's more
Shawn Lindsay
Shawn L.
23:57 08 Jul 20
It's...ok....the selection isn't that great and the prices are higher than other places I've been maybe the selection is due to it being fairly new here not sure about the prices though. Get some bio jesus some gary payton and watch how that sells out 🙂 I've been to dispensaries all over the country including Alaska. Surterra you get any of these in the pictures you nor your customers will be more
Zachary Ziegler
Zachary Z.
04:05 29 Jun 20
Great place. First time ever going to a dispensary and every one was helpful and nice. Nick helped me and found everything i was looking for and answered all the questions and learned some things as more
Tracy g Hannah Rodrigues
Tracy g Hannah R.
05:32 20 Jun 20
I like the Strains available. I enjoy the Ground Flower $60./7mg. I like the ones I have tried. No Complaints on the Brooksville store. ✌️🔥🥳🌞read more
amanda tellini
amanda T.
14:32 10 Jun 20
First time in a dispensary and Megan made it a wonderful experience.Told her what was looking for and asked about a million questions.She answered every single one without trying to rush me at all.Will be back to this location againread more
22:49 05 Jun 20
I went to this dispensary right after I got my acceptance email. Their employee Josh greeted me instantly and being I was a new customer and completely new to the MMJ industry, he walked me through every step and was happy to do so. The establishment is very clean and welcoming. I returned there today and got the exact same hospitality!! They have an ample and available selection. I have purchased 4 different strains of whole flower and today I purchased some shatter as well and I must say it definitely lives up to its reputation!!read more
Laura Harris
Laura H.
17:07 01 Jun 20
Great place..very knowledgeable staff and their prices are better than a lot of other places
Tim Mitchell
Tim M.
17:12 28 May 20
Nice place nice staff. First time and the girls were very gentle with me
Dwayne Josephson
Dwayne J.
17:37 08 May 20
I hate to write this review because I have had a good experience with this location in the past. I placed my order for the special yesterday (spend over $250) evening and when I arrived to pick it up today the manager would not honor the offer. I specifically asked customer service online and by phone about this prior to placing was assured that they would honor the special if I picked it up today.Mind you, I didn’t care how. He could have given me any special or a small discount for my trouble and I would have been 5 star happy. That would have been the right way to handle this kind of mistake on Suterra’s part. No, I got the I’m the manager of the store and don’t have a button to that. Sorry, I can’t honor the word of the company’s employees and take care of a customer that regularly spends 200+ in your store.Instead it’s a one star review and you lose my business. I got better service from my dealer when weed was more
Tim Heal
Tim H.
21:12 03 May 20
Went to Surterra for the first time the other day. Great selection of concentrates and flower. Quick and convenient. The staff is very nice and professional. Samantha was awesome and handled a situation with an irate gentleman from next door’s travel agency with class ( ACBS travel). I will definitely recommend this place to people that I more
Matthew Corey
Matthew C.
16:30 24 Apr 20
$50 quarters that companies such as Surterra and Liberty Health have are one of those much more acceptable dispensary deals than the other ones. The 35 an eighth that Curaleaf charges makes the better flower deals look like a public service.A quip about this Brooksville place is that there are two big guys in terms of people who can grab your arm and have a seat and a bunch of pretty girls in terms of everything being there. It's a mental laugh for me at the interesting hiring practices, but that's not to say they're trying to make the store work. On the 1 star-5 star thumbs up/down scale, I'll give it a 5 more
Deborah Cormier
Deborah C.
02:34 24 Apr 20
First time with my 80 year old aunt. Megan was very helpful and made my aunt's visit easy. Good product info.
jason Handyman
jason H.
21:35 30 Mar 20
Pretty consistent on the flower and the prices are unbeatable. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.I also like that I can chat via text on there web page and place an order without ever talking to anyone on the phone. Check them out you won't be disappointedread more
Ross Davis
Ross D.
20:27 12 Mar 20
Megan , Was exceptional. She took the time and it made me feel That I was the only customer and that all my questions were very important. She is a valuable asset to your companyread more
Cheryl Stevens
Cheryl S.
00:32 10 Mar 20
For my first time in a dispensary I was a little nervous. Megan helped me and showed me the products. She was very helpful and courteous. I will definitely go back to see more
Jessica Lee
Jessica L.
23:49 13 Feb 20
I went into today for my first visit. Megan was very friendly and informative. I was very satisfied with the staff, products, and building. I will definitely be back!read more
liz marshall
liz M.
19:19 27 Jan 20
I would have given 5 stars but upon arrival, learned of the cancellation of the Rewards program. I’m someone on a limited income and every, little bit helps. Please reconsider What keeps me coming back is an Angel named Samantha. She has always welcomed me w/her warm smile, knowledge of product and prompt service. Thank you, Samantha!read more
Leann Lawson
Leann L.
13:45 04 Dec 19
Very helpful staff and explained every part of the process and the different strains in great detail. They laughed and joked with their coworkers and the other customers. The product was very good and did exactly what I bought it more
Adam Gregory
Adam G.
18:28 01 Dec 19
First time customer, very inviting atmosphere. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by friendly staff member Megan. I was helped promptly and to my utmost satisfaction with the available products. I was able to learn various valuable information from Megan who was very informed on her products and was extremely impressed by her enthusiasm. I am eager for their future success with their new products to more
Matthew Ertle
Matthew E.
00:58 27 Nov 19
Great facility with excellent patient care! Megan especially provides prompt and courteous service! They also have great prices and a rewards saving more
Judd Fubbles
Judd F.
01:54 15 Nov 19
Went in for the first time and had a great experience. Amber patiently described the different products and I wound up purchasing a variety. It's great to finally have a local dispensary in Hernando County. Very clean and well more
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