Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Jacksonville, FL

13642 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Call for Delivery:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm
Sun: 11am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted ATM Available


Dispensary – open

A Surterra Wellness Center located at 13642 Atlantic Blvd in Jacksonville, FL 32225 is now open. This cannabis store in Jacksonville is conveniently located to service Arlington, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Duval County overall.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients that have received a medical cannabis certification. This Jacksonville cannabis store will carry the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near Jacksonville as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis products are available by home delivery or business in Jacksonville, Arlington, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and throughout Duval County.

Surterra’s medical marijuana products are available by delivery for patients with a Florida Marijuana Card. Click here for more info.

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri to schedule Surterra Deliveries RX.

Delivery is now available in select areas of Florida. There is a $25 fee for delivery, and orders must be $100 or more after discounts to qualify for delivery. Orders of $150 or more after discounts qualify for free delivery.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

dominic angevine
dominic A.
21:41 14 Jan 22
Best dispensary around in jax in my personal opinion. Not only do they have awesome products for very reasonable prices, but they also have an amazing staff over there. Ask for Carmen if possible ! She is the absolute best and most knowledgeable bud tender that truly cares about her job I’ve met over the past 2 years in the Jacksonville area. 10/10 would recommend Surterra to every one who hasn’t been already 😊read more
Amy Hassler
Amy H.
00:35 07 Jan 22
I went to Surterra for the first time today and my experience was A+++! I worked with Haley and she was extremely helpful and informative! She had me in & out in no time. Will definitely be back!read more
Connie Smith
Connie S.
13:21 06 Jan 22
Haley was an absolute breath of fresh air. She was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! I’m so glad we met and for her awesome assistance.Bravo!read more
Clinton Kennedy
Clinton K.
15:53 26 Dec 21
Everyone here is so nice. And fast service!
Lee S
Lee S
22:51 22 Dec 21
Quick, responsive.Top notch quality end care.Convenient location. Easy in and out going to the beach from Atlantic more
Darla Roddy
Darla R.
22:07 04 Nov 21
Alexi was my guide and she was absolutely AWESOME. She provide a very thorough explanation of the variety of products while getting familiar with my needs and making recommendations that align accordingly. Everyone was nice, friendly, and very comforting. First impressions are everything and this was a joyous more
Ryan Ackerman
Ryan A.
20:04 25 Oct 21
Clean. Quiet. Nice! This place is chill af. Haley helped me today. Very personable and very pretty. First time patients get like 60 percent off so you know I loaded up haha. Will definitely be coming backread more
Karen Roberts-Gentry
Karen R.
04:58 30 Sep 21
Very clean, very quick, and even more friendly. Carmen was very knowledgeable (and patient as I’m very new). So far the balm and the sleep capsules have been surprisingly effective. This store seems to have everything all in one place. Will be more
Thadeus Hefner
Thadeus H.
23:05 09 Sep 21
I went in not sure what I wanted, but Preston the bud tender was awesome , he took his time fully explained everything to me and made me some very good recommendations. I fully stand behind Surterra as one of Jacksonville’s best dispensary’s. Can’t wait to go back and see what they have to offer next timeread more
jeremy ethridge
jeremy E.
23:47 01 Sep 21
Very good customer service. Good selection unless you're after high thc. That's a hit or miss. Again, staff makes it worth more
Divine Faustino
Divine F.
18:38 24 Aug 21
One of most low key best dispensary in jax. Always a great deal not only that, truly some awesome people to chat with!! Go see your girl Carmen at Surterra Atlantic blvd. She’s got you covered!!read more
Tamara Fesco
Tamara F.
20:33 19 Aug 21
Thank you for bringing back the mints!!!Awesome customer service and GREAT recommendations from the staff today! THANK YOU!Love the Big Smooth as suggested!!! Great job 👏Love the new location! Amazing staff...thanks for coming out this way!The new lozenges are amazing!!!!!Carmen is amazing!read more
Freddrick Smith
Freddrick S.
08:52 18 Aug 21
Great experience!! From walk in to walk out. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Shoutout to Preston for his knowledge and amazing customer service!read more
Greta Clark
Greta C.
11:33 01 Jul 21
Carmen is always very helpful going through the details of products as well as the deals of the day. It makes the experience much less overwhelming! This is my favorite dispensary because the staff is so great! Definitely recommend!read more
stacey andrasco
stacey A.
01:24 18 Jun 21
Today was my first visit. I love the open welcome feel instead of Dr. office behind closed doors. My guide, Carmen, was actually out talking in the waiting area with another patient and myself! It was wonderful to have open, casual conversation and get suggestions. Thank you for a great 1st. visit.CYA soon!read more
Emily Luigs
Emily L.
01:34 06 Jun 21
Went here for the first time today. This place might be my new favorite dispensary. It’s extremely well cleaned and maintained. The workers were all extremely inviting, especially Lamar. The set up is a little different from other dispensaries because you place your order at the front desk. It was weird but extremely time efficient. I was probably in the dispensary for maybe 15 minutes tops and that’s only because I walked around a little and explored since it was my first time.As a regular customer to trulieve and fluent, I highly recommend switching over to this place or at least give them the chance to prove how much better they more
Linda McCrossin
Linda M.
17:34 30 May 21
The staff was very helpful and knowable. Prices some what higher but worth it. Found new products that I love. Thank you for your helpread more
Leanna Pearce
Leanna P.
15:33 26 May 21
The Guides at this location are so helpful! Specifically I would like to name Carmen and Preston for outstanding service and product knowledge. Everyone is amazingly kind and generous with smiles. Pharmacy here. And in advance welcome to their familyread more
d sicario
d S.
23:22 14 May 21
I love this place. My guide was associate Carmen at the Atlantic Blvd location, who is very helpful with knowledge of products and always recommends the top quality products that suit my needs. She also displays excellent customer more
Amanda Chadwick
Amanda C.
01:56 10 May 21
I Absolutely love this place. They always have what I need and are very knowledgeable about everything in their store. However, today when I tried to make an online order to use the Mother’s Day promotion code because I am a mother , the code would not work at check out. This is the only problem I’ve had and I hope that they will honor the discount tomorrow when I go speak to them about it and do my shopping! Obviously, I love this place since my husband and I are going tomorrow and still spending my money with them! Haha I’m sure they will fix it because they are truly great !read more
Nicole Davila
Nicole D.
21:43 29 Apr 21
This location seems a bit more organized, easy to get in/out of parking lot. Staff changes each time I visit. For the most part they are helpful and knowledgeable about more
Paul Berg
Paul B.
12:11 23 Apr 21
Awesome place! Awesome people! Some of the best buds in town. I will definitely be going here alot more often. They had everything I was looking more
Alexandra Dail
Alexandra D.
20:58 14 Apr 21
Very friendly staff! Every time I come here everyone is always so nice and helpful, also very quick and efficient! I love this more
Lulu Nicole
Lulu N.
00:45 12 Apr 21
This is the best place to get all your THC needs , plus they have a cute and friendly employees. My personal favorite is the girl with the dreads. She’s always so helpful . Perrrrrrread more
Joint Smoker
Joint S.
01:33 08 Apr 21
This is the best dispensary in town hands down. They are always professional and they always have products in stock. It’s one of the cleanest stores PERIDOT!!!!read more
Bud Head
Bud H.
00:54 08 Apr 21
Fastest and cleanest dispensary in Jacksonville, and no doubt the friendliest! It might look like a ghost town but it’s because they are so quick at getting you in and out that there’s no time for cars to line up. And somehow they still manage to answer every question and make me feel like I’m getting all of the time and attention I could ask for. And the website is so user friendly, sales are posted clearly all over the page so you never miss out. Everything about this place is user friendly, if not, it’s got to be user error. This place is the best!read more
17:46 31 Mar 21
I finally found a dispensary in town with kief! What a great place. Awesome atmosphere and friendly staff, lots of selection and some great deals, too. I will be making this a regular stop. All of my questions were answered by knowledgeable staff and I was checked out quickly despite the dispensary being busy.They take cash only but have an ATM on site, however it does charge a service fee to use. I would recommend visiting an in network atm before going more
Holly Bassett
Holly B.
13:27 30 Mar 21
A fantastic dispensary! Friendly, very helpful staff! Always a breeze with wonderful choices!
Seth Carey
Seth C.
19:32 22 Feb 21
Walked in and was greeted quickly by associates who explained the daily sale, allowed me to change my pickup order, and get some quality flower. My first go around about a year ago was lackluster but I can say product has greatly improved. Shoutout to Preston + more
Shaena Thomas
Shaena T.
12:49 03 Feb 21
I normally never have issues here the staff is always super friendly and the selection is great. But today I opened on of my ground flowers and the bottle was only half way full. I weighed all of my flower after that and 2 of my containers were 2-3 grams short. I am very displeased and I will bring it up the next time I’m in their store. And now I will have to check everything I buy before I leave the store 🙄🙄🙄read more
Ariel Ortagus
Ariel O.
01:09 29 Jan 21
Always a great experience. It was my second time and first pick up order. Very happy. Staff is energetic and always ready to help and also very informative on more
Kimberly S
Kimberly S
15:31 27 Jan 21
This place is simply amazing! EVERY time we have been there they are nice, laid back, friendly, talkative, helpful, have all products, and dont carry guns and make you feel like your visiting someone in jail. Too many bad experiences at other dispensaries. We won't go anywhere else! Surterra is awesome!read more
Hannah Fandango
Hannah F.
13:13 24 Dec 20
Hands down the easiest dispensary to work with. The staff is SO friendly and will answer all of your questions! I will no longer shop at any other dispensary just because I love this shop so much!read more
Bop Payton
Bop P.
01:04 20 Dec 20
THE STAFF IS AMAZING and ready to help at every turn when trying to find a medicine that’s fits your ailment to a T .Carmen one of the employees has been there to help every step of the way since entering this new world of medicinal cannabisThe environment is exceptionally clean and organized and you feel right at home if you haven’t been to this place I highly recommend it it’s worth it not only are the employees great the products are exquisite as wellread more
14:45 28 Nov 20
The people in here and super friendly but the bud is junk weed.
Linda Lee
Linda L.
05:06 17 Nov 20
From check in to check out, Carmen and Jessica had me in tears laughing. I love this dispensary, it feels like just a visit to see my friends. Keep up the good work, and thank you for your service. Truly more
Michael Jr
Michael J.
06:19 15 Nov 20
Stopped by this weekend to see what was knew and was impressed how far this place has come. They were sold out of what I originally came for but Carmen introduced me to the new float brand of distillate and it had me in just the greatest mood. Not too mention they were generous enough to include a free gram of Kief so it was certainly a pleasant experience. Thank you to all of the staff who were above and beyond. And the complimentary water bottle. Btw, I never leave reviews but this was worth letting others know. Highly more
Edie Allen
Edie A.
14:32 19 Oct 20
Absolutely love this store! Everyone is treated with respect, it's a calm relaxing atmosphere - it definitely doesn't add to my already out of control anxiety, like some other local dispensaries. But it is pricey. I like that even thought flower is big right now, they realize that it's not what everyone wants, they have a good blend of products from pills, to creams, flower, vape, etc. And I LOVE that they have a printed menu of what's in stock for you to look over as soon as you more
T Dial
T D.
19:44 04 Oct 20
This Surterra location is nice, clean, and super friendly! Jessica is so kind and helpful! She helped us pick out some products (we just walked in), change our pick up order, and was smiling and laughing with us the whole time. She is extremely knowledgeable about all of the products, how they are made, and how to use them properly. We have not received this kind of treatment ANYWHERE else. Thank you so much Jessica for everything! Every associate has been nice every time we have ever been to this location!read more
Chad Hodges
Chad H.
20:14 02 Oct 20
They messed up my order from start to finish. I called in and ordered two ground flowers. Which were a quarter of an ounce apiece. So when I got to the store I ordered it too they sent my call in order to the wrong store so they pulled my order up so they could fill it at the jax beach store. So I said OK I’ve never had a problem with the store before. I walk out the door after getting my products looked at it and saying it was wrong. So I turned around went back inside to tell them the problem and all I got was oh you walked out the store so we can’t do nothing about it. I live on Social Security disability because I can’t even do hardly anything with either one of my hands so money is super tight them people just screw me out of some of the little bit of money I get per month. I will not come back unless something is done about thisread more
Blake Johns
Blake J.
18:51 30 Sep 20
I had a great experience here. Carmen helped me pick out a few products and they worked well. The store is clean and comfortable. I more
Cailey Thompson
Cailey T.
22:34 16 Sep 20
So helpful and friendly! Great customer service!
Sassafrass Lynn
Sassafrass L.
20:33 15 Sep 20
Great atmosphere and great people.
Kylie Mae
Kylie M.
14:13 10 Sep 20
My favorite center in town! Kind humans & quality medicine
12:35 08 Sep 20
The people in here and super friendly but the bud is junk weed.
Keith Kocjancic
Keith K.
19:28 06 Sep 20
Great staff, great selection of thinks to help my wife.
Nurse Janet
Nurse J.
17:39 05 Sep 20
This is the quickest, cleanest dispensary in Jacksonville. And their products WORK. The young lady with the dread locks is so easy to talk to. Highly more
jamie ram
jamie R.
00:50 05 Sep 20
This is my new favorite dispensary. I was a firm believer in Trulieve, but surterra has won me over. I was hesitant to try the new Pax because I’m so fond of my Trustik, but I took Carmen’s word for it and she did not disappoint! Thanks for all of your help. You’ve gained a loyal more
Bree Marshall
Bree M.
20:34 04 Sep 20
Great place! Great staff! Go see Carmen for all your wellness needs and wants, she won’t let you down!!
Sarah Hicks
Sarah H.
18:40 04 Sep 20
I love this place! Carmen is awesome and always makes my experience more than worth it. She knows so much about all the products and tells me the difference between them all, which is why this is my go to more
Kookie Queen
Kookie Q.
16:13 13 Aug 20
Best dispensary in Jacksonville! You will feel welcomed like you are apart of their family. Each sales staff takes their time with you, and you will never feel rushed or left with unanswered questions about your medicine. They offer a variety of products from high thc to high cbd choices, which is what you want in a dispensary. They truly care about your wellness. CHECK THEM OUT!read more
13:19 10 Aug 20
Surterra needs better strains than what they have. What they have in their favor is pricing and their new thing where they put humidity packs in the more
Jelly Belly
Jelly B.
20:10 08 Aug 20
I have an amazing experience every time I come here, The best staff period.Lauren, Carmen and Jessica are always great. Thank you for being the best dispensary in my neighborhood!!read more
Jason Newton
Jason N.
20:03 18 Jul 20
Great place and great service
Adrian Monks
Adrian M.
18:26 26 Jun 20
I always have a positive experience here. They are very kind and helpful. And my wait is never too crazy. Thanks guys.
Klint Nease
Klint N.
18:44 31 May 20
My favorite place in town. Excellent quality on medicines, superb staff, always friendly and knowledgeable, always take time to answer my questions, always coming up with new products.Why go anywhere else? Price, products and people...Surterra has the best of them all.Thank you for being there for me.Herman Nease 😁read more
Paul Davison
Paul D.
15:15 19 May 20
Bruno was incredible. Was a very good experience. He helped me understand what would be best for me and the pain I experience due to my injuries. Best place I've been so more
Ben Chang
Ben C.
15:23 27 Apr 20
Nice shop, clean and welcoming/friendly staff. I had issues with ordering on the website a few weeks back but it seems to be sorted out now. Will be trying out more of their products soon!read more
21:00 31 Mar 20
Carmen is an extremely helpful employee and the quality as well as pricing speaks for itself. The very first time I bought from them I wasn’t totally satisfied, but I decided to give them another try just to find out they remedied the issue I had. I was pleasantly surprised to the extent they went to ensure their customers were taken care of. That’s my experience for what it’s more
Ally Whoa
Ally W.
20:15 28 Mar 20
I had a great experience here. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. I was a 1st time customer and I was very nervous 😬, they went above and beyond to make my visit comfortable. Thank you Surterra Jax Atlantic for being more
Kate Kettell
Kate K.
17:08 17 Mar 20
Kind and efficient! High quality products and great variety!
James Saddler
James S.
15:51 13 Mar 20
We've been waiting for the Surterra Wellness dispensary to open on Atlantic Blvd.,And it finally happened. My wife Brenda and I shopped there yesterday. Nice, friendly staff and the first time buyers discount was nice to get too. Their products that we tried were above expectations. And yes, we will be going back! Thanks Jessica you are a big help.🧙‍♂️read more
Megan Briody
Megan B.
15:45 09 Mar 20
Customer service is like none other! I’ve been to places that just feel like smoke shops which make me feel really uncomfortable. Surterra was professional and Matt answered all my questions about what was best for my needs. Highly recommend!read more
15:41 09 Mar 20
Highly recommend Surterra Wellness! Great & informed staff, fantastic location, and of course quality medical cannabis.
Cline M
Cline M
15:37 07 Mar 20
Surterra has always been my go-to dispensary. The staff is so Friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. They're always happy to help answer any questions you may have to further your understanding of medical cannabis; and this location is no different.First time patients get 15% off their purchase and the second time you get 20% off.Highly recommend!read more
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