Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in New Port Richey, FL

4218 US Highway 19
New Port Richey, FL 34652

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site

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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Surterra Wellness Center located at 4218 US Highway 19 in New Port Richey, FL 34652 is now open. This cannabis store in New Port Richey is conveniently located to service Hudson, Holiday,  Land O Lakes and Pasco County overall.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients with a Florida medical card. This New Port Richey cannabis store has the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Surterra is dedicated to building far stronger standards in the cultivation, extraction, and production to help provide patients great THC and CBD menu products. Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near New Port Richey as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis RX products are available by home delivery or business in New Port Richey, Hudson, Holiday,  Land O Lakes and throughout Pasco County. FREE Statewide Delivery!

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri for Surterra Deliveries RX.Surterra’s low-THC High CBD products are available for patients with a Florida Med Card who need non-euphoric care.

Find a recommending doctor on our Doctors Maps or fill out the Patient Registration Form to get started.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

Ryan Sanchez
Ryan S.
12:19 28 Aug 21
I have had my card for 2 years so I have a pretty good idea of how these dispensarys work….. I purchased a couple of dabs a couple of months ago and one was empty and they did give me a replacement…. I was in yesterday and purchased 2 dabs and simply asked if I could peep inside to make sure its was there as I recently have been doing….. I explained the previous experience. The dark haired lady that was dispensing from the back room was asked and said very sharply and blunt. We can’t do that. Against the law. You can look outside….. She was rude to me at front desk checking me in once. Pretty good deals but probably won’t more
Ryan Vesh
Ryan V.
19:59 22 Aug 21
My first visit was epic. Ashlee the guy were very helpful completely forgot the guys name. Both knew there products and I love the on point recommendations. I felt like I was not rushed even tho a new patient and customer I had a Lots of questions. On a very busy morning. Thanks for the help guys. Keep up the good work!read more
nicole diambrosio
nicole D.
13:45 25 Jun 21
My first experience ever with this whole process and my doctor certainly sent me to the right place. Every single person was knowledgeable, helpful, and very nice. V went out of his way to explain everything and answer every question I had, no matter how small. I felt comfortable and valued, and today I am pain free for the first time in a long time. Thank you so more
Karina Hampton
Karina H.
19:12 06 Jun 21
I look forward to my trips up here, the staff is always amazing and so helpful. Never been less than satisfied with all products purchased here. Just left a little bit ago, Vanessa, Vi and Shannon were awesome and helpful as always. Never going to another dispensary, I’ve found mine 🙂read more
David Peterson
David P.
02:15 27 May 21
5/5! Surterra Wellness has become my go-to dispensary! They have the best staff like Allison, Shelby, and Monique especially. They make top notch products with a wide range to choose from. Honestly I don’t know why anyone in NPR would go anywhere else! Nobody has specials like Suterra. Check-em out you won’t be disappointed. Compassion and empathy is what you will find at Surterra!read more
Jayme Lea
Jayme L.
14:22 08 May 21
Staff is great. you wont have to wait a long time lile you do at some other places around here. The staff is great. I really want to spotlight Tyler. He does such an amazing job. He always points me in the right direction and I have never been disappointed with anything Tyler has suggested. I would love to see Tyler in management one more
Eddie Ramirez
Eddie R.
14:05 13 Apr 21
My go to place as soon as I moved to Florida. Location is great close to me. Searched online first and during my search I came to the conclusion that they have the best prices. Higher thc in the flower. Always have stock and not long lines. Pick up is great and fast. Customer service is above and beyond! Thank you for being so welcoming. Really more
Brandi Clark
Brandi C.
14:10 11 Apr 21
New to the dispensary experience, Bree was So helpful and patient with all my questions! Great product and great prices! I highly recommend ✌️💖🤞read more
Alex Noe
Alex N.
11:47 22 Mar 21
If I could give this place zero stars I definitely would! I should’ve just trusted my gut instinct and turned around and walked out as soon as I walked in and felt the bad energy in the building. The product was absolutely nothing special, and not worth the prices paid. The girl who initially helped me was very unknowledgeable and very unhelpful with finding me new product. I even asked for recommendations on which product she prefers and she couldn’t even answer that. I understand that not everybody uses medical marijuana, but the employee should be at least knowledgeable about it. She just seems to know nothing. During my short visit, the girl who helped me was very rude and condescending to two other patients over the simplest of questions. Another patient saw what I saw an actually went up to another patient and he helped the patient more than the entire staff. Maybe it was just the day, but I’m definitely not impressed at all and I won’t be back to use my 20% off second time discount. Simply not worth itread more
Jillian Henderson
Jillian H.
19:38 21 Mar 21
I worked with Cara and Allison, and they were both so lovely and helpful. It was my first time and of all the dispensaries I’ve been too, this is this first one that has the feel of a true medical soothing experience. The vibe felt very relaxed and zen to me. Excited to try some new products and will definitely be back again! Thank you ladies for helping me find reliefread more
Laurie Baun
Laurie B.
17:48 25 Feb 21
A big thank you to Allie,Mike and Cara for awesome customer service. Allie C. greeted me with a friendly voice and introduction. She then introduced me to Mike and Cara to complete my order. I was in and out the door within 5 minutes. Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient employees. Plus I got a discount for being a new patient. 😊 Allie C and Breanne H thank you great more
Darcey Snyder
Darcey S.
15:20 14 Feb 21
I have been to Surterra several times and the service has always been exceptional. Especially with Shelby, a young woman who goes out of her way to explain everything in a way that you can understand! Her attitude and knowledge of products are outstanding and I appreciate that she goes above and beyond to help her customers. The store is always clean and inviting and I will for sure be telling friends to shop with her!read more
Daniel W
Daniel W
15:11 08 Feb 21
I have been in to this location 3 or 4 times. most of the time the employees are alright. There has been a 1 or 2 times the front desk employee was a bit abrasive, and 3 of the 4 at the counters have been sub par. Especially the tall young man (cant remember his name) He just didn’t want to be at work apparently.The Exchange/Return Policy….well there is NONE. Most places have at least an exchange policy. Surterra did exchange a defective cartridge, but I tried Blue Zkittles? They claim 100% natural flavors, but it tastes like fake candy blueberry flavor. They wouldn’t exchange, had 1 pull out of the cartridge. I wasn’t looking for a handout or anything free, simply here take this gross thing I just paid $50 for, and please exchange for equal value. Really simple standard customer service practice. I bed the “General Manager” that wouldn’t even come speak to a customer face to face. The response was to “Ask” about flavor next time. I’m sorry, I have NEVER not once tasted anything claiming to be “natural” to have a flavor this absurdly more
Crissy F
Crissy F
14:00 06 Feb 21
First time at this dispensary, at the recommendation of my doctor due to their high number of ratio products. Beautiful space, very clean and open with friendly, patient staff. Michael answered all my questions and made some great recommendations. Purchased the 1:1 Infused Balm as well as the Serene 5:1 tincture, along with some prerolls – excellent products, wonderful relief. The balm really helped my back pain – more so than anything else I’ve tried. Thank you!read more
Chris Payne
Chris P.
16:12 05 Feb 21
Had a wonderful experience, Michael was very knowledgeable and informative about the medicine I had questions on and even offered other variations similar to the medicine I was looking at. Will refer on that experience more
Khonsu Lunaris
Khonsu L.
21:50 17 Jan 21
Chill vibe, clean place. Excellent for first time patients, or anyone. Allie was extremely knowledgeable in all the products and technical information, and was very warm/ engaging. Breanne had some good insight as well and was kind and professional. So staff, 10/10. Wide selection of products in stock, efficient systems. Overall would def recommend!read more
Dean Horace
Dean H.
02:29 11 Jan 21
As soon as I walked in I immediately felt welcome. Allison was really informative on my selection. I was in and out super fast, but still felt like I learned something new. I will be back in the future. They also had a nice selection of flower that really helped me sleep. Thank you Allison!read more
Marina Shaw
Marina S.
00:36 30 Dec 20
Allison C was super helpful and super friendly. She was able to answer any questions I had. Thanks Allison, you’re the best!read more
Daniel Martinez
Daniel M.
04:55 15 Dec 20
Surterra Wellness is a very clean friendly professional environment. The staff make you feel right at home and comfortable while offering amazing customer service. They know everything about the products so it’s great really knowing what you’re consuming and paying for!! They are always concerned about your well being and happiness. Not to mention a great selection of medicinal products! Out of all the dispensaries this one is the best!! Short wait time smiles and relief!!read more
Matt Dewberry
Matt D.
16:02 28 Nov 20
I got another product today that was underweight at 3.3 and the product was clearly minis as I’ve purchased them before and with this company and they sold me minis for price of regular flower. If this wasn’t the second time I would forget about it but not only were they Minis it was light on the weight. You guys are better than more
Oopsie daisy
Oopsie D.
21:55 04 Nov 20
They are so nice. They show empathy n care. Treats me like im a patient and are very helpful. I have bad panic attacks at other dispensaries. But here its always calming inside. It feels like ur a patient getting medication not a customer buying product. I am gratefulread more
Dan Johnson
Dan J.
20:14 25 Oct 20
I love this location; clean, nice staff and quick service. I was assisted by Monique who was very knowledgeable, friendly and kind. She has a good understanding of products, especially terpenes and their role in healing. I highly recommend…read more
Elaine Ledder
Elaine L.
14:04 10 Oct 20
I finally found help for my 24/7 entire body pain from arthritis and fibro in your product, Calm. HOWEVER, It has been almost 2 weeks since you have had it available. After asking and asking, I was told that, ” Well, sometimes when we get it in, someone buys the entire shipment.”Well, excuse me, what are the rest of us supposed to do? I also do not understand no more delivery, especially when people like me have really bad days and cannot get there…and you HAVE to get the product the same day you order it. This is not more
Thomas Martineau
Thomas M.
17:46 07 Oct 20
The interior design and atmosphere was so welcoming. I didnt feel like cattle in a sorting pen, like other places around here. Allison C. Helped me today. She was amazing. Took time to explain the wellness line and answered all my questions. She was knowledgeable about all the products. Unfortunately Brooksville is closer to my home, but Surterra has a new client!read more
jaryel0 jaryel0
jaryel0 J.
17:26 15 Sep 20
Excellent, fast , and they only count your THC when using the prescription, whereas every other place counts both THC and CBD eating up your prescription .read more
Laurie Baun
Laurie B.
22:47 01 Sep 20
I placed my order on line for pickup. Received a text within fifteen minutes of placing my order.A big thank you to Allie,Mike and Cara for awesome customer service. Allie greeted me with a friendly voice and introduction. She then introduced me to Mike and Cara to complete my order. I was in and out the door within 5 minutes. Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient employees. Plus I got a discount for being a new patient. 😊read more
Kovah Holloway
Kovah H.
21:22 21 Aug 20
They have a good selection and sell quality product. Cara wasn’t very nice but she also looked miserable. I know you have a mask on but at least try to sound like you’re good at your job. Also pls pls lord get a drive more
Deborah Lubig
Deborah L.
22:35 07 Aug 20
The place is very well laid out with a spa like feel to it.The entire staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.Today i had the pleasure of being helped by a new girl Allie. She will do well. Very friendly and answered all my questionsread more
James Mahoney
James M.
21:31 07 Aug 20
When i first went there, I was immediately greeted and helped by Allie. She’s very knowledgeable and helps any way She Can. My second visit was just as nice. Melissa helped me and she was also pretty knowledgeable about the products. Very nice experience with them both. No wait time for me either time that I went. I am very happy that I found this place. A+read more
Karen Vaughn-Kerns
Karen V.
13:58 23 Jul 20
Compromised my privacy by putting another persons order under my account with the same name. The Jimmy Buffet battery is a joke. Mine broke. Took it back and they exchanged it. The new one didn’t work and I took it back. They said it appears that it is fine. I said maybe I am doing it wrong but they weren’t able to watch me do it per laws. I had several people look and try and no one could get it to work. Now they are exchanging them for a known defect BUT they are not giving any $ back for the product that only fits the defective battery. Was told I just have to toss it all. So I have 5 different pods with no way to use them. They will give a free battery but must purchase the products. Thieves who do not stand behind their productsread more
David Casale
David C.
22:26 21 Jul 20
First order from them. Great prices, super easy and efficient online order process, and even better customer service. I will not be going anywhere else after today. The New Port Richey staff was kind, caring and knowledgeable. Thank you guys .read more
jeanette Lorensen
jeanette L.
22:09 05 Jul 20
Love Surterra! Ordered online, was literally inside the dispensary for no more than 10 minutes! And I got the text that my order was ready for pickup within an hour after placing it! Courteous, professional, helpful staff!read more
Craig Podell
Craig P.
20:14 18 Jun 20
The lady at the front desk demanded I show her paperwork for my service dog. I told her she isn’t allowed to ask for paperwork and she got nasty with me. I will never go back to that establishment and I might file a more
Brandi Dotson
Brandi D.
22:10 15 Jun 20
Shannon was just contacted my another rep in regards to a coupon code I was trying to use last night that was valid thru Sunday until 11:59 as stated on the coupon. After finding the products I wanted the coupon was no where to be found at 9 pm after several google searches. This person “refuses” to honor the coupon and lied and said the coupon had to be used before stores closed that day. Not great customer service. I just got my card and was excited to start trying products but will be shopping else where nowread more
Cannabis Inspector
Cannabis I.
03:13 10 Apr 20
I went in today to buy some flower. I bought some Jackie’s Girl and a couple pre rolls. The customer service was excellent. The flower quality was great. The buds were beautiful. I will definitely be going back. Check out my review on YouTube. Cannabis more
Gritty Guapo
Gritty G.
18:21 17 Mar 20
The staff here are helpful, nice and knowledgeable. One of the quickest wait times I have ever seen, consistently as well. The store is really nice and welcoming. This is a 5 star location all more
cynthia sanborn
cynthia S.
04:11 01 Mar 20
It was my first time at a dispensary and I was nervous about it being shady looking or a very clinically cold. I am pleased to say that Surterra definitely was nowhere near what I feared. The staff were very knowledgeable about their products and did not try to over sell me. Great people,very relaxing atmosphere with a cool vibe. Thank you for exceeding my expectations. Cynread more
Donna Paoletti
Donna P.
16:27 18 Feb 20
Surterra is awesome! After months of waiting and being treated badly at the other dispensary in NPR, I finally found a happy home. Plenty of parking, a warm welcome, friendly atmosphere, no waiting, no police/guard presence (thank goodness, made me feel like a criminal) and more importantly, product in stock at prices I can afford. Craig was fantastic, knowledgeable, and patient when explaining the ins and outs to me. I tried 3 different products and all of them were very good. No complaints at all! I highly (no pun intended) recommend Surterra for all your needs and I will be back for sure.Thank you again for all of your help,Donna & Carlread more
Christopher Hitchslap
Christopher H.
17:59 15 Feb 20
Friendly staff. Great concentrates. The (wax) butter is more like it is really tasty2/15/20Finally some whole flower with some cure time behind it.. still not a fan of your pre-rolls but great job with the whole bud . Keep it up and keep improving and you will own the flower market. Thanks Michaelread more
Janie Bout'theCity
Janie B.
05:20 18 Jan 20
Very respectful. The young man that checked me out did a good job, listened to me and answered my questions. Good customer service, that’s even helpful, is what makes the business. My cashier also showed me a place much closer to where I live and I appreciate that very much! Thank you!read more
Anna Antipenko
Anna A.
02:01 09 Dec 19
The first thing that appealed to me was ample parking! When we walked in, we were warmly greeted by Kat & Craig & asked if we needed to look around or if we knew ahead of time what we wanted. We knew what we wanted, so we told them and as we waited for our order to be filled, Kat asked if we wanted water… sure! Surterra is the only dispensary of the 3 we’ve visited to make such an offer. While she was busy fulfilling our order, Craig engaged us in engaging conversation. When our turn came, we were shown the product and asked if we had any questions. We then paid, offered a tip, were gently handed it back and asked to leave a review. We were impressed! As we were leaving, everyone waved & someone (I don’t know who, but thank you!) held the door open for us. This is the second Surterra dispensary we’ve visited and both were warm, welcoming places with a positive energy. I can testify that the quality of products, prices and services rank them #1 on our list. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!read more
17:31 01 Mar 19
Knowledge rules at this dispensory. Product displayed within the clean crisp lines that envelope the interior are well presented in their display. Never disappointed and always satisfied with the outcome. Dosit pens are great 200+ doses that dont dissipoint. Keep up the great service and product…please get more
Kerry Terry
Kerry T.
02:01 03 Feb 19
Michael was amazing 🙂 store is nice, new, clean and inviting. I purchased several items to try and also so I could get my $75 off 1st time patient. (Must purchase 150+) I am happy with the quality of both the zen and relax pm but disappointed that I can’t enjoy my tillamook strawberry or black jack due to need for yet another device for it to smoke, It works 1 out of 4 hits so I will have to get one. You would think the battery would be a gift with purchase but nope it’s another 25$. On another note, it’s now the next day and I must say the RelaxPM is 🔥 I slept like a rock so I will be getting more of it in the mini vape and distillate. #peaceandlove #flmmjpatientread more
Heather Davis
Heather D.
16:35 02 Feb 19
Wonderful help, very informative and loving the products.
Kerry Terry
Kerry T.
14:16 02 Feb 19
Michael was amazing 🙂 store is nice, new, clean and inviting. I purchased several items to try and also so I could get my $75 off 1st time patient. (Must purchase 150+) I am happy with the quality of both the zen and relax pm but disappointed that I can’t enjoy my tillamook strawberry or black jack due to need for yet another device for it to smoke, It works 1 out of 4 hits so I will have to get one. You would think the battery would be a gift with purchase but nope it’s another 25$. On another note, it’s now the next day and I must say the RelaxPM is 🔥 I slept like a rock so I will be getting more of it in the mini vape and distillate.#peaceandlove #flmmjpatientread more
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