Surterra Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Winter Haven, FL

514 Cypress Gardens Blvd
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Call for Delivery:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm
Sun: 11am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted ATM Available


Dispensary – open

A Surterra Wellness Center located at 514 Cypress Gardens Blvd in Winter Haven, FL 33880 is now open. This cannabis store in Winter Haven is conveniently located to service Lake Alfred, Cypress Gardens, Eagle Lake and Polk County overall.

Surterra Wellness provides top quality marijuana products to patients that have received a medical cannabis certification. This Winter Haven cannabis store will carry the popular Coral Reefer cannabis brand, a collaboration with the singer Jimmy Buffet.

Low THC high CBD products are available to MMJ patients near Winter Haven as well.

Surterra Products


Surterra Wellness cannabis products are available by home delivery or business in Winter Haven, Lake Alfred, Cypress Gardens, Eagle Lake, and throughout Polk County.

Surterra’s medical marijuana products are available by delivery for patients with a Florida Marijuana Card. Click here for more info.

Call 850.391.5455 between 9am-5pm est Mon-Fri to schedule Surterra Deliveries RX.

Delivery is now available in select areas of Florida. There is a $25 fee for delivery, and orders must be $100 or more after discounts to qualify for delivery. Orders of $150 or more after discounts qualify for free delivery.

Surterra Florida

What People Are Saying

Judy Casteel
Judy C.
14:22 29 Oct 21
The employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. Great set up! Do wish they would show more pods for pax pens but other than that I think it’s awesome store!read more
Maribel Rodriguez
Maribel R.
19:56 09 Oct 21
My first time here was awesome! Everyone was super friendly especially Vanessa who checked me in. She was honest and helpful throughout my experience. Definitely will be coming here again!read more
Somer Houston
Somer H.
23:13 28 Sep 21
I went to this dispensary for the first time today. I had a million questions, and Ivan was amazing! He really took the time to explain everything to me, and gave me some great recommendations. I’ll definitely be returning to this location based on his knowledge and customer service more
20:53 26 Sep 21
Love this location, everyone has also been super nice. Saw Brittany this time, very sweet and professional. They always have what I need!read more
Todd Streske
Todd S.
23:06 07 Sep 21
It was my first time there this past Friday. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and the knowledge of the staff. I would like to single out Ivan as he was my representative while there. He had a lot of knowledge to guide and show me the different products and what he would recommend. Great job Ivan! I will be visiting again because of his customer service. Thank You!!!!read more
Kobe Bell
Kobe B.
22:46 03 Sep 21
Super happy with the products and the price! Not to mention they deliver and it’s so easy and convenient. Awesome customer service, I will definitely be shopping with them again!read more
Ashley Lee
Ashley L.
00:07 29 Aug 21
The service at his store is always great, but Abby is awesome! I’ve watched her help others while waiting for my turn, and she is very patient, and makes sure to answer all of their questions. Plus she is always smiling! So many people forget how something so simple can brighten people’s days!read more
ryan higgins
ryan H.
18:23 23 Aug 21
I thought I knew my stuff, but I will admit- I was a bit intimidated on my first visit. I had a lot of questions, but the staff at the Winter Haven store had all the answers, and made the experience that much better. Everyone is very helpful, but if you want the best, ask for Amber (go Noles!).read more
Stephanie Gaida
Stephanie G.
16:45 14 Aug 21
As a first-timer I had no idea what to expect. I was thrilled with the cleanliness and how organized it was. Morley was wonderful about explaining everything to me. I told him what my greatest needs were and he helped me select the products that would benefit me the more
Sheena Lee
Sheena L.
23:27 13 Aug 21
The only place I go love the drive thru option 🙂 Crystal has great customer service
JBC Services
07:12 11 Jul 21
Crystal T. Was so helpful with my pick up order yesterday. It was my first time using pick up and going to the drive-thru and she made it so easy. She was helpful and informative and saved me money.Thanks Crystal!read more
Florida Pizz
Florida P.
15:57 30 Jun 21
The staff at this dispensary are very knowledgeable and helpful! I respect their input. And everyone is very nice and friendly! Like it!read more
Zoe Crampton
Zoe C.
07:54 20 Jun 21
I don’t mind a lot of the products but when I get a loose one I don’t want it so leafy, it’s all leafy and not actual, and I get a lot of stems, the machine you use right now sucks if that’s what your more
Brad D
Brad D
18:29 17 May 21
Consistent excellent customer service from Brittany!! by far my fav budtender at this location. friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and genuine!i wish they would accept Tips!read more
Andre Holland
Andre H.
22:42 11 Apr 21
Vanessa is awesome! She’s knows her stuff and has excellent customer service. Would return to this location solely because of her. She’s an all more
KC Mathis
01:00 31 Mar 21
Morley is was very helpful he has great customer service skills and one of the reasons why I will be back. Love his vibe! Wish everybody could be like this on a daily basis. You rock !read more
Matt Marone
Matt M.
23:35 26 Mar 21
This is my go to dispensary. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable! I met Brian the manager today and asked to tip the team, but was saddened to hear that they cannot accept tips like budtenders in other states. They seem like a great team and therefore should be rewarded as such. I cannot recommend Surterra enough! They carry excellent products at a great price and always keep me coming back!read more
Danielle Tanner
Danielle T.
10:21 12 Mar 21
Horrible customer service! Horrible privacy protection! Spend your money at Columbia care or Liberty health science! Much better quality AND much higher standards!!!!!!!!!!read more
Jay Adelman
Jay A.
23:57 24 Feb 21
Crystal was awesome and cute you need to extend the flash deals because us older people don’t go out like that especially when you have no immune system so you have to be super careful thank more
Emmett Brown
Emmett B.
23:40 14 Feb 21
I’m always treated with respect and consideration by the staff here at Surterra.
Ed Hatfield
Ed H.
17:57 29 Jan 21
This is a great Medical Marijuana Dispensary. The staff is great and helpful.
Karyn Decker
Karyn D.
00:16 22 Jan 21
Everyone is so very nice & very informative of their products. I have no idea about any of of it but they always help me out. Never been disappointed. Only place I’ll go!read more
Mike Harrison
Mike H.
16:18 20 Dec 20
This was my first time getting medical marijuana and it went very smooth – thanks to the lovely lady at the front desk (short with dark hair). I wish her name appeared on my receipt so I could give her kudos for taking her time to explain the products they have. She also had experience with the products so she was able to give me good information on how they work and what I should expect. She even thanked me by name as I was leaving. So far I am happy with the products I purchased and will be going back to this more
Ashley Zetwo
Ashley Z.
21:25 16 Dec 20
Clean and sanitized. Very professional and knowledgeable staff. My absolute favorite employee is, Shane. He was an absolute big help with all and I mean all of my questions lol. Highly recommended ‼️‼️read more
Tee Jones
Tee J.
19:18 18 Oct 20
All I can say is weigh you what buy. I purchased 7g it was short a half big deal to most but if I pay for 7 I expect to get 7. I asked for a replacement of same product they stated it’s not our policy. Then tried to make it better with a gram of pre rolls…what choice do I have…take the months old pre rolls very bad by the way dry as can be. Or leave again with a slack purchase? No refund offered either….weigh what you buy!read more
Terrence McCann
Terrence M.
13:45 18 Oct 20
Great prices and better staff
Bonnie Schoenfeld
Bonnie S.
14:59 18 Sep 20
My fav…..,. ALWAYS helpful, knowledgeable and patient
William Lee
William L.
19:51 25 Aug 20
I had a great experience here today. I don’t understand hardly any of this. I was directed to certain products that they felt would benefit me the most. I hope that I find relief from my arthritis and back more
Steve Smith
Steve S.
17:11 20 Aug 20
Everything good at this store but the fake: “WE are experiencing an issue with our credit card processing system and unfortunately, we are unable to accept credit or debit cards at this time.” This forces one to use the stores ATM machine which charges you a high fee percentage base on the amount you withdraw. This is a unethical scam to make more money for the store. Every store excepts credit and debt cards in 2020 and none are down for extend time periods (months) like this store. I reported the matter to I hope they investigate the fraud. 5 Stars for the store but 0 for the fake credit card processing down scam to get their customers to use their ATM’s that charge a high more
Christine Cooper
Christine C.
23:20 07 Aug 20
Y’all, this is for sure my very fave dispensary!! I don’t live near any dispensaries. It’s at LEAST 90 mins each time I go. And each time I’ve gone, it’s left me disappointed and feeling judged. Then I came here. The staff is so welcoming and helpful! The set up is amazeballs! I wish I would have taken pics to share. It’s so very zen. My only ‘complaint’ – and it really isn’t one – is that they are cash or canapp only and that wasn’t specified on the website, which wasn’t the staffs fault and they have an atm on site. It charges a $3 fee and my bank charges $2.50 on top of that. So… take cash. They also have a drive thru. You can order online and just drive thru and pick up. Wide variety of products and I am very happy with my purchases. Relief and Dream tinctures. Freakin 10 stars y’all. Well worth the more
Lucas Essy
Lucas E.
14:41 05 Aug 20
Amber and the rest of the staff were very helpful. Great products and great prices. I look forward to going back soon!
Fun Felter
Fun F.
04:11 11 Jun 20
23:30 08 Jun 20
I have gone here doe a while, management doesn’t want the menu posted “because it takes time away from associated talking with customers”. So now before placing your order you have to ask them 100 questions to see what they have. They have not had any Sativa flower on my last 3 visits. If you have any questions about their products on the floor,they have to go find an associate to assist. First trip to another dispensary =Liberty, they attempted to find a discount right away. Being on disability , they have me a discount. Been to Suterra for a year and they have never asked me more
Luke Davis
Luke D.
14:39 01 Jun 20
Don’t go to this location, They have 1 employee checking everyone in and cashing them out, so you wait at the door for 23 minutes while more and more people crowd in behind you just waiting to be checked in(unsafe for social distancing protocol) then they get so backed up that they start calling people to cash register to check them in and cash them out. I love surrterra its my favorite dispensary, however this location needs new management and more staff. Your consumers need to be the most important thing like your other locationsread more
joanna villanueva
joanna V.
23:01 12 May 20
💯 customer Service 💯 💯 the guy that help me had knowledge about all the products in the store and took his time to explain and answer my questions!!read more
still good
still G.
13:23 16 Apr 20
The staff there is very knowledgeable and also friendly and they are one of the best staff I ever met and dispensaries that I’ve been in I will continue going there and I will recommend them to anybody that will ask me they got good quality merchandise haven’t had any issues with any of it if I have any questions I will ask and they will freely talk to me about whatever it is I like to say to the staff thank you so much for staying open …Thank you for being open on a time of need through this y epidemic and thank support and thank you for all your effort on staying openread more
M. Roman
M. R.
18:38 11 Apr 20
is Something is going on with the call center? I keep calling and no prompts on what number caller in line you are is given been on the phone for like 16 min and nothing …please adviseread more
Donnie Daugherty
Donnie D.
18:36 11 Apr 20
These folks are great!! Especially the woman with the nice eyebrows.. very friendly and great products.. it is a must more
Trista Martin
Trista M.
15:46 16 Mar 20
Horrible service. The staff have no knowledge of any of the products. They cannot tell you, the cbd, cbn, thc ratio on any product. They also no longer honor reward points and refused to honor the ones I had. I recommend going to fluent in more
Lisette Ramos
Lisette R.
21:53 23 Feb 20
I was welcomed into the store with a friendly smile by Jennifer. She directed me through my cannabis journey with passion, poise, and professionalism. She is very knowledgeable and made me feel super empowered. Thank you Surterra for hiring a WINNER!read more
John Monteiro
John M.
18:16 20 Feb 20
Great place with really friendly staff. Just need better flower choices
BTRshow .
BTRshow .
08:49 08 Jan 20
Such friendly and intelligent staff but no one is egotistical at all, just nice people wanting to help. Awesome place
Eric McFadyen
Eric M.
00:27 08 Dec 19
Great customer service
Eric McFadyen
Eric M.
00:26 08 Dec 19
Great customer service
Kaitlyn Wolfe
Kaitlyn W.
03:52 07 Dec 19
I love this place!! Everyone there makes you feel comfortable and they are so helpful and welcoming! i definitely plan on coming more! 🙂read more
Fezzie Sparrow
Fezzie S.
20:14 10 Nov 19
Daniel was extremely helpful during my first trip to Surterra. He was knowledgable, kind, and really knows their product. The facility is extremely clean and comfortable. I will definitely be a regular at this more
Jerzzie81 PS4
Jerzzie81 P.
00:13 06 Nov 19
Great location
Rafael Figueroa
Rafael F.
16:08 19 Oct 19
Came across this gem when I was making a quick visit. I received the most incredible guest experience with Jennifer. She made sure I was aware and educated on each more
Sandra Martell
Sandra M.
19:46 27 Sep 19
I have been to several dispensaries, however, none compare to Surterra Wellness of Winter Haven. The staff will take time to speak with you and educate you on their products, even supplying reading materials when available. Joe and the rest of the Surterra family at this location are extremely knowledgeable and encourage questions and give true straight answers. They get to know you and are able to help you purchase the proper products. This is awesome as none of us wants to spend cash on things we will not use… They do not force sell anything either. Take their advice or don’t, they do not get upset if you choose to go another way.. They are very professional while also keeping a chillax, mellow atmosphere. The place is immaculate and smells great as well. Their products are good too, try grand daddy purple, you won’t be disappointed! lol. OH, my favorite thing is that they are pet friendly! I can take my doggo in with me! Thank You to the gang at Surterra Wellness Winter Haven for being an awesome well oiled thingamajig! You guys are Cannabis Angels.. heheheheread more
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