Survey finds dads in Florida are likely to help with homework, amidst new research on father-child relationships

Florida dads are helping their kids with homework, and it’s adorable.

A survey by Brainly, a company in the education tech space, suggests that 44 percent of Florida dads are assisting with homework, making Florida the top state in the nation where dads are likely to help with after school assignments.

Following Florida is New York at 43 percent, Ohio at 42 percent, with California and Pennsylvania tied at 41 percent. Other states that made the top of the list are Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

While historically psychologists have focused on the impact of the mother-child relationship on overall health and well-being of children, the father’s role in child development has come into focus over recent decades as an equally important one.

A psychologist at the University of Cambridge, Michael Lamb, said to BBC of pre-1970s era research on father-child relationships, “[it’s] a relationship that was viewed as more important as children grow older, but was always viewed as secondary to the mother-child relationship.”

Today, dads have moved into the spotlight.

New research suggests parental roles are much more flexible than great minds in psychology once thought.

With an increase in same-sex parents

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