Survey shows Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony cruising to reelection

A new poll is putting Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony well on the path to reelection this November.

Tony’s campaign commissioned the Frederick Polls survey. It shows Tony receiving 52% of the vote, more than double his opponent, Wayne Clark‘s 20% share.

The remaining 28% of voters are undecided. Even if every single one of those voters broke toward Clark — a near impossibility in the heavily Democratic county — Tony would still lead Clark by 4 percentage points.

Non-party affiliated candidate Charles Whatley and write-in candidate Fuad Kiuhan have also qualified but were not listed in the poll. The survey sampled 448 likely General Election voters from Sept. 21-23. It has a margin of error of 4.8 percentage points.

Publicly-released internal polls should be taken with a dose of skepticism. Though the findings could be accurate, campaigns have an incentive to withhold internal polls showing poor results for their candidate and only release favorable polls to the public.

The results align with the county’s sharp left lean, however. Former Broward Sheriff Scott Israel won his 2016 reelection bid with 72% of the vote, a sign that any Democratic candidate is the presumptive heavy favorite

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