John Morgan for Florida governor?

Such a notion is not only not absurd, but it could, in fact, have surprisingly broad support across Florida.

I see it as one part Bernie Sanders, one part Donald Trump, and two parts bourbon. Doesn’t that sound like a cocktail Floridians would line up around the block to drink?

If you watched Morgan’s post-election press conference last Wednesday, you can get a taste of what a Morgan candidacy might look like.

He rejected as “not his fight” any future efforts to legalize marijuana in Florida, a natural question given his nearly four-year-long crusade to pass medical marijuana. But then he did something different and unexpected, pivoting to the topic of decriminalization and praising efforts by cities and counties to make marijuana possession a ticket-able, rather than arrest-able, offense.


Floridians are in this weird place on marijuana reform where there is clearly no desire to legalize it here, but most believe sending people to jail for marijuana is insane.

I’m slightly paraphrasing, but this was my favorite Morgan moment from that presser, and the one that could be informative of what a run for governor could look like:

“If I were King of Florida,” he started out, and for some reason I pictured him in a paper crown from Burger King, “I would walk through the prisons and release everyone in there for possession alone. Everyone.”

He went on to praise Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer for passing such a law.

And it didn’t come up at the press conference, but one of Morgan’s other longtime causes is raising the minimum wage. People forget, but long before Morgan was Florida’s “Mr. Marijuana” he was the guy who gave big money to pass a constitutional amendment in 2004 raising the state’s minimum wage.

He’s made some noise about doing it again, this time to

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