Takeaways from Tallahassee — Second term

Second term

You can take the girl out of politics and put her in a bookstore, but apparently, you can’t completely take the politics out of the girl.

After a successful career as a political operative, Sally Bradshaw decided Tallahassee was ready to support an independent, general subject bookstore. Today, Midtown Reader is celebrating the start of its “second term” — aka its fourth anniversary — with goody bags, balloons, special sale prices and a sidewalk sale.

“We want to thank people for making us successful,” Bradshaw said. “We’ve grown our sales every year. Even in the midst of COVID, we’ve seen a 15 to 20% increase in sales.”

When the pandemic shuttered businesses this spring, “we made a decision to lean into our online sales, and we’ve grown our online business substantially,” she said. The store also instituted same-day home delivery for books (“We’re beating Amazon!”) and continues to offer appointment-only shopping on Mondays. “You can go online, book an appointment, come in, and have the entire bookstore to yourself.”

Even with the COVID-19 crisis, Sally Bradshaw’s Midtown Reader is finding success. Image via Facebook.

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